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Grand Hyatt $10 Bento Takeaway – the $10 Burger is the best

This is a picture of the hotel driveway when we went to collect our lunch boxes ordered from the Singapore Grand Hyatt $10 Bento Takeaway online website. Gone are the usual valet-parked limousines and supercars that decorate the entrance. Now there are two clear lanes – the inner lane is for dropping off passengers. The outer lane is for people like me who are there to stop and pick-up the pre-ordered food.

Grand Hyatt $10 Bento Takeaway Order

The food pick-up process was smooth and easy but not as seamless as the one we experienced at NUSS Kent Ridge Guide House which had asked for our car number in advance and was able to have our package ready without having to ask for order number etc.

Grand Hyatt $10 Bento Takeaway Order

There are various takeaway or delivery options at the Singapore Grand Hyatt. But for ordinary patrons with limited budgets, we focused our attention on the Grand Hyatt $10 Bento Takeaway boxes. The $10 price is an all-in price – i.e. nothing more (GST, service or packaging) was added. Which makes this one of the best circuit breaker dabao deals we have come across, and from a 5 star hotel at Orchard Road no less. The picture above shows the four types of “Take Me Home” $10 bento boxes that we ordered.

Our Grand Hyatt $10 Bento Takeaway Lunch

We had the Australian Lamb Rogan Josh, Beef Cheese Burger, Sambal Sustainable Fish Fillet and Butter Chicken. The food survived the journey well, apart from anything that is deep-fried as no ventilation holes are provided in the takeaway containers. As a result the fries that came with the burger and the papadum with the butter chicken were soft by the time we got home.

Grand Hyatt $10 Bento Takeaway Order

We are not sure what fish was used in the making of the Sambal Sustainable Fish Fillet. The fish has a spicy taste and was served with steamed organic rice. It was the plainest of the four Grand Hyatt $10 Bento Takeaway boxes that day.

Grand Hyatt $10 Bento Takeaway Order

The Slow Braised Australian Lamb Rogan Josh with organic vegetable biriyani had a stronger personality. The cubes of lamb embedded in the rice were small but they made their presence felt with deep meaty flavours but without being overly gamey. It is a dish we would order again.

The Solanki’s butter chicken was also served with vegetable biriyani. It is dish suitable for those who prefer a milder curry than the lamb. The rice used in both dishes were very good.

The last item of our Grand Hyatt $10 Bento Takeaway selection – Grilled Australian Grass-fed 220gm Beef Cheese Burger is also our favourite. We did not like the fries that came with it. Not because they had turned soggy (as this is the risk we assume when we do takeaway) but because they were so salty.

The burger was tightly wrapped in brown paper which is a good idea as it kept the shape intact. We thought that showing the burger after on its own wrapper would not do it justice and so this is what it looks like on a plate. It was a good tasting burger. The beef patty was a decent size, juicy and had a good beefy flavour. It is probably the best Singapore circuit breaker meal we can think of if we only have $10 to spend.

Grand Hyatt Singapore
10 Scotts Road,
Singapore 228211


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Balancing your money is the key to having enough. - Elizabeth Warren  quote
Balancing your money is the key to having enough. – Elizabeth Warren

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