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Goldleaf Restaurant Katong – Taiwanese Porridge Takeaway (Outlet Closed)

Goldleaf Restaurant was closed for a while for relocation. They sort of moved next door – from the heritage block in Katong Square facing East Coast Road to a space in the atrium of the retail podium of Katong Square. The new location is more accessible and also allows easy food pickup from the driveway. We visited Goldleaf Restaurant at its new location for our Taiwanese porridge takeaway.

Goldleaf Restaurant at its new location
picture of the original Goldleaf Taiwan Porridge Restaurant at 185 Orchard Road
Picture of the original Goldleaf Taiwan Porridge Restaurant at 185 Orchard Road.

Goldleaf Taiwan Porridge Restaurant

Goldleaf Taiwan Porridge Restaurant was founded in 1971 and had moved a number of times over the years. It offers simple comfort food as well as a long list of delectable classic Taiwanese dishes. Read our earlier our posts Goldleaf Taiwan Porridge Restaurant (金葉) in Amoy Street and New Goldleaf Restaurant (金葉) in Katong Square to see some of the dishes we had tried in Goldleaf Restaurant.

Taiwanese Porridge Takeaway

Goldleaf Restaurant Taiwanese Porridge  Takeaway

Our simple Taiwanese Porridge takeaway meal consisted of Omelette with Chye Por ($11.90), Goldleaf Prawn Rolls ($12.90), Stir-fried Taiwanese Lettuce ($13.90) and Sweet Potato Porridge ($2 each).

Taiwanese Porridge  Takeaway

When we ate the restaurant previously, the porridge was a free flow affair priced at $2 per head. For takeaway, the price for a portion of sweet potato porridge was still $2 but it was quite a big portion. It was about the equivalent of 2 bowls of porridge in the restaurant.

Stir-fried Taiwanese Lettuce

Goldleaf Restaurant Katong Square

The Stir-fried Taiwanese Lettuce with crispy stalks and sweet goji berries is a healthy dish that goes well with porridge. The greens had nice texture and subtle flavours.

Omelette with Chye Por

Goldleaf Taiwan Porridge Restaurant

Omelette with Chye Por is one of the signature dishes of Goldleaf Taiwan Porridge Restaurant. It looked like a pancake. The fluffy egg with bits crunchy preserved radish was quintessential comfort food. It was a simple dish done well and was delectable.

Goldleaf Taiwan Porridge takeaway

Goldleaf Prawn Rolls

Goldleaf Prawn Rolls would not be the best version of prawn rolls or hae cho you could find in Katong. However, it was a nice way to get some protein in our Taiwanese Porridge takeaway meal. It was a dish with a more robust taste compared to the other two dishes.

Goldleaf Taiwan Porridge Restaurant Katong Square

Simple Porridge or 10 Course Meal

Goldleaf Taiwan Porridge Restaurant now has a Takeaway & Delivery Menu which offers a good range of items. Whether you want a simple Taiwanese porridge takeaway meal or a full 10 course Chinese dinner complete with meats, poultry and seafood, you can now have them at home by calling Goldleaf.

Takeaway & Delivery Menu

Goldleaf Taiwan Porridge Restaurant
88 East Coast Road
Katong Square, #01-05/06/07
Singapore 423371

Tel: +65 63461088


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Life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated. - Confucius
Life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated. – Confucius

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