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OmoOmo Takeaway Bento

OmoOmo fuses Korean and Japanese flavours and cooking techniques with other cuisines to create interesting noodle and rice bowls. It also offers reasonably priced bento sets and combo meals. Like many F&B establishments in Singapore, OmoOmo now offers online ordering and pickup and delivery services.

OmoOmo Kallang Wave

OmoOmo Kallang Wave

OmoOmo has outlets in several locations but currently its delivery services are available from Kallang Wave only. The Kallang Wave outlet is listed as a Halal-certified eating establishment on the website of MUIS.

We have written about our visit to OmoOmo in Sports Hub previously – see OmoOmo Kallang Wave – Korean Fusion Fast Food.

OmoOmo Menu

The OmoOmo menu is not very extensive but offers sufficient variety. There are essentially rice bowls, like Bulgogi Onsen Don & Steak Omelette Don, and noodles, like Salmon Glass Noodle and Kimchi Ramen. There are also a few teppan dishes and side dishes.

OmoOmo Menu

Currently, OmoOmo is also offering reasonably priced combo sets and bento takeaway sets.

OmoOmo Takeaway Bento Menu

OmoOmo Takeaway

We visited OmoOmo Kallang Wave recently and ordered an Ebi Omelette Don ($9.50) and a Takeaway Bento – Teriyaki Chicken & Karage Bento ($11.90). Order and payment were made at a self-service kiosk. We picked up the food from the collection point when our number was flashed. There was, thus, minimal human interaction. The waiting time for our food was about 20 minutes.

OmoOmo Takeaway Set

Takeaway Bento

OmoOmo Takeaway Bento

Teriyaki Chicken & Karage Bento consisted of teriyaki chicken, fried chicken, salad, tamago and rice. The bento set looked good and the portion was of reasonable size. The teriyaki chicken was average but we quite enjoyed the fried chicken. On the whole, it was a decent meal – nothing very exciting but not bad at all.

Ebi Don

The Ebi Omelette Don came in a two compartment bowl. The deep fried prawns were in the upper compartment, separated from the rice topped with kimchi omelette.

OmoOmo Takeaway Tempura

The prawns with light crispy batter were nice. The kimchi omelette was interesting – sort of a variation of chye poh omelette. The seasoned vegetables added crunchy bits to the soft, custardy egg. It was quite spicy. Ebi Omelette Don was a quality rice bowl that was delectable. Those who like spicy kimchi should find the dish enjoyable.

Affordable Korean-Japanese Fusion

If you want something different from the usual fast food or hawker food and yet wallet friendly, OmoOmo is a good option. Its Korean-Japanese fusion dishes are palatable and affordable. The OmoOmo Takeaway Bento is a good value deal.

Order Online

OmoOmo Food Concepts Kallang Wave
1 Stadium Place
Kallang Wave Mall, #01-40
Singapore 397628

Tel: +65 6702 1835


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