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TungLok Seafood Takeaway Bento

TungLok Seafood is regarded as one of the best Chinese restaurants with Singapore-style seafood. Their Senior Executive Chefs Ken Ling and Wai Yen Liew were amongst the 23 chefs worldwide to be named “The Best Chef In The World” by the 3rd U.S. International Chinese Cuisine Forum. Now with their takeaway & delivery services, it is possible to have a TungLok’s seafood feast at home with the signature Black Pepper Crab, Chilli Crab and other seafood delicacies. For a more modest meal, TungLok Seafood Takeaway Bento is a convenient and affordable option.

TungLok Seafood PLQ

Takeaway Menu of TungLok Seafood

TungLok Seafood now offers a wide range of its dishes for Island-wide Delivery or Self-collection. There are various 海鲜组合 Combo Sets for a stayhome seafood feasts. Fresh crabs and lobsters are on the menu. Below are pictures of sections of the menu seen at TungLok Seafood PLQ.

TungLok Seafood Menu

We were attracted by the Bento Sets, which were priced at below $13. The TungLok Seafood Takeaway Bento was made even more affordable as there was a 20% discount for Self-Collection orders made directly with the restaurant through phone or in person at the restaurant.

TungLok Seafood Takeaway Bento

TungLok Seafood Takeaway Bento

We went to TungLok Seafood at Paya Lebar Quarter to make our order. There were 2 bento sets priced at $11.90 and $12.90. We ordered one of each. With a 20% discount and with GST added, the total bill for the two sets came in at just below $20. The wait for our food was about 20 minutes.

TungLok Seafood Takeaway Bento

TungLok Seafood Takeaway Bento Set A comprised egg fried rice, prawns, kung pao chicken, vegetables and dessert.

There was nothing we did not like but the deep fried prawns with crispy oats deserved special mention. The deshelled prawns were battered and fried to perfection. The crunchy oats were sweet but not overpowering. The cereal prawns were delicious.


The Takeaway Bento Set B comprised fried rice, prawns, bean curd with vegetables, coffee pork ribs and dessert.

The silky bean curd with vegetables and mushrooms was a classic Chinese restaurant dish. It was very well done – uncomplicated but very enjoyable. The plumb nyonya prawns were succulent and tasty.

The coffee pork ribs were delicious. However, the lean meat was just a tad too dry and tough. If only the meat was more tender, the dish would be perfect.

TungLok Seafood Takeaway Bento

The dessert of chilled lemongrass aiyu jelly looked interesting and was really refreshing and enjoyable.

Good Food at a Good Price

When we consider that a single dish in decent Chinese restaurant can easily cost $20, we think that TungLok Seafood Takeaway Bento is a great value deal. We had quite a lot to eat. It was good restaurant quality food that was delectable. A good meal for 2 for less than $20. Good food at a good price. We can’t really ask for more.

TungLok Seafood PLQ
Paya Lebar Quarter, #03-09/10,
10 Paya Lebar Road
Singapore 409057

Tel : +65 6909 8933

other outlets:
Orchard Central
The Arena Country Club


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Life appears to me too short to be spent in nursing animosity or registering wrongs. – Charlotte Brontë

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