Mexican Food Takeaway from Margarita’s Dempsey

The Dempsey Hill area was quiet when we went to Margarita’s to pickup our Mexican food takeaway. It has been a while since we had Mexican food and thought it would be a nice change from our usual food. A break from our usual dabao options during this no dining out period in Singapore.

Mexican Food Takeaway from Margarita's Dempsey

Margarita’s Dempsey has an ornate interior which is a change from the modern and white designs that are common these days. It is nice and cool in the day and quite atmospheric at night. You can read about our visit to Margarita’s during pre-COVID times here. For this visit, we can only gaze into the interior from the entrance while waiting for the food to be fetched.

We selected a chicken quesadillas ($21) and a fish burrito ($20) for our Mexican food takeaway lunch from Margarita’s Dempsey. There was an ongoing promotion with a discount of 15% from these prices.

Mexican Food Takeaway from Margarita's Dempsey

Our Mexican Food Takeaway Lunch

The food was packaged simply with clear labels for the different condiments provided. The items were neatly packed in the boxes and they remained in good condition throughout the journey.

One consideration for ordering quesadillas and burritos is that they can be easily eaten by hand and does not require utensils. These would be a good choice for a picnic takeaway.

Mexican Food Takeaway from Margarita's Dempsey

The quesadillas (picture below) are toasted tortilla cheese turnovers stuffed with tomatoes, onions and cilantro. There is a choice to add chicken, beef or shrimps. We chose chicken. Each of these pieces look small and thin, but they can be quite filling. The main tastes are from the cheese and the tortilla. The other ingredients are provide a supporting role.

The Grilled Red Snapper Burrito with chipotle was the more interesting item. This reminded us of popiah as many ingredients are included with the fish as the main ingredient. The chipotle provided some spiciness as well. But unlike popiah, the tortilla skin is much tougher which makes it an easier food to make and handle.

The quesadillas and burrito were more than enough to be shared by two persons. It was also a good balance of flavours between the mild tasting quesadillas and the stronger flavoured burrito.

Block 11 Dempsey Hill Road, #01-09  Singapore 249673

Tel: (65) 6471 3228 ; 9243 0172 for takeaway


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 True solidarity is helping the cause when it’s not fashionable to do so. – Nesrine Malik

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