Simple Comfort Takeaway Food from One Bowl Restaurant

Although we do stick our neck out once in a while, simple comfort takeaway food is what we go back to most of the time. Familiarity may breed contempt in some cases, but the wonderful char siew from One Bowl Restaurant is always appreciated, especially when it is delivered to the comfort of our home.

Simple Comfort Takeaway Food from One Bowl Restaurant

The One Bowl Restaurant is hidden inside The Sultan Hotel along Jalan Sultan Road. It is not the most prominent of restaurants from outside, but once inside you will find an eatery with an unusual decor. We had visited it soon after its opening in 2018 and were hooked on their char siew dishes. You can read more about the restaurant here.

Simple Comfort Takeaway Food from One Bowl Restaurant

Like many other restaurants these days, food is available from One Bowl Restaurant by takeaway or delivery. Delivery can be arranged by calling them at 6291-9020 or by ordering online.

Simple Comfort Takeaway Food

This is a picture of our simple comfort takeaway food from One Bowl Restaurant. With so much containers, we had to place some onto proper plates to make them slightly more presentable.

Simple Comfort Takeaway Food from One Bowl Restaurant

The One Bowl Bento ($18) is a complete meal. It includes the famous One Bowl char siew, beancurd, ngoh hiang, fried rice and aiyu jelly with aloe vera. Nothing fancy but everything was enjoyable, especially the char siew and ngoh hiang. You can see better pictures of the char siew and other variations of the ingredient in our earlier post about the restaurant.

One Bowl Bento - Char Siew, BeanCurd, Prawn Roll & Fried Rice
One Bowl Bento Set

With many char siew options to choose from, one easy-to-handle option is the char siew with mantou ($5 for two pieces). These char siew sliders are a good way to experience the char siew at One Bowl.

One Bowl Char Siew Sliders
One Bowl Char Siew Sliders
Char Siew Mantou

The menu at One Bowl is not very extensive. There are a couple of vegetable dishes to help break the oiliness of the char siew. The chap chye provided a contrast in flavours. But compared to the superstar flavours of the char siew, the chap chye ($17) was quite average. That was made up somewhat by the big serving portion and having lots of extra ingredients besides just vegetables.

One Bowl Chap Chai
Chap Chye

The fried roast duck bee hoon ($11.90) is a dish worth trying at One Bowl. It looks too messy in its container and so we transferred part of it onto the plate. It is a simple dish with slices of duck and mushrooms.

One Bowl Mee Sua
Roast Duck Bee Hoon
One Bowl Mee Sua

One Bowl Restaurant & Bar
The Sultan Hotel
101 Jalan Sultan
Singapore 199002

Tel: + 65 6291 9020


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