Imperial Treasure Teochew Takeaway – OhNee you can make the darkness bright

We bought a simple Imperial Treasure Teochew takeaway meal at a 20% discount from the Orchard Ion outlet when we were in the vicinity recently. The Imperial Treasure Nan Bei Restaurant (Ngee Ann City) has closed but there are still a few other Imperial Treasure Chinese restaurants in the Orchard Road area that are open for takeaways.

There are some special offers available at Imperial Treasures, including set menus, dumplings promotion and a 20% discount on a la carte menu. We did not go for the set menus as we were focused on what we wanted – the smoked chicken ($30 for half a chicken) and oh nee ($6) – are some of our favourite dishes. The other items that we included in our Imperial Treasure Teochew takeaway were the omelette with minced pork and preserved radish ($22) and tao suan ($6). The prices stated are before the 20% discount and 7% GST added.

Our Imperial Treasure Teochew Takeaway Meal

Here is a picture of our Teochew takeaway food from Imperial Treasure.

The smoked chicken is type of roasted chicken from Imperial Treasure Teochew restaurant. I am not sure how ‘Teochew” this dish is, as we have not seen this in other Teochew restaurants. But its origin does not matter. What is important is the rich smoky fragrance and taste. It is one of the best dishes at IT Teochew. The chicken is not a large bird and a half portion is good for two persons. For better pictures of the dish and the restaurant before COVID, you can read our earlier post.

The omelette with preserved radish is a more traditional Teochew dish. More commonly referred to as chai poh neng, this version is more substantial than the usual ones because it incorporates some minced meat as well. It is quite expensive for such a humble dish, but the taste is very good.

Oh Nee

For desserts we had the tao suan (green beans and waterchest nut) and the oh nee (mashed taro with pumpkin). The tao suan that day was disappointing – just sweet and watery without much else. The oh nee on the other hand was as good as a takeaway as when eaten in the restaurant. It was a wonderful dessert, especially when eaten at home as this does not happen very often. It also reminded us of the famous song by the Platters. Enjoy the video below.

Imperial Treasure Ion a la carte menu

Bento set

Imperial Treasure Fine Teochew Cuisine
ION Orchard, #03-05, 2 Orchard Turn
Singapore 238801

Tel – +65 6736 2118



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