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Western Food Takeaway – Baked Cod & Ribeye Steak

Our western food takeaway was ordered from La Nonna which still has the 1-for-1 mains promotion. We stayed away from pizza and pasta this time and focused on their main course section. The baked cod and ribeye steak was good but minimising travelling time is crucial.

We had written about La Nonna and its 1-for-1 lunch promotion recently. You can read about it here. Since it is now July, we called to check if the deal (stated as June Takeout Offer) was still available. We were informed that it was and so we proceeded to make our selection.

The full menu at La Nonna is available on line. We were in the mood for western food takeaway, but had enough of carbo-laden dishes like pasta. So we focused on the Main Courses section (picture below) and decided on the Oven Baked Cod ($34) & Ribeye Steak ($36). With the one for one deal, we only paid for the higher priced item.

Our Western Food Takeaway Lunch

This is a picture of our western food dabao lunch of baked cod & ribeye steak. The food was very well presented. This is one of the best looking takeout box I have seen over this entire COVID season. Fortunately, the restaurant is along the road (Lorong Mambong in Holland Village, which was in the news recently) and it was easy to stop, pick-up and leave.

Traffic was light that day and the food was still nice and warm when we got home. The only damage by takeaway was inflicted on the skin of the cod – it had lost its crispiness. Other than that, the fish was in good, almost restaurant dining, condition. A dark balasamic reduction sauce was provided. It worked very well with the fish. The other items of the dish – asparagus, mashed potato and olive played a nice supporting role.

The ribeye steak with red wine sauce turned out as well as the fish. Together with the cod, it was an enjoyable western food takeaway lunch. A change from the bentos and zi char food that we tend to gravitate towards.

La Nonna @ Holland Village
26/26B Lorong Mambong, Singapore 277685
Tel : (65) 6468 1982 

Chope Reservations

This button is a link to the CHOPE restaurant reservation. La Nonna seems to be not yet on the CHOPE Delivery list. Our takeaway order was made by telephone.

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