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Full of Luck Restaurant Bento Takeaway

Full of Luck Restaurant is a casual dining restaurant in Holland Village serving Cantonese cuisine in a modern setting. The bento box takeaways that we bought recently taught us a lesson – just order the one with the char siew!

We must have walked past the Full of Luck restaurant many times as it is right next to one of the exits of the Holland Village MRT station. But we had not ventured into it until recently as there were so many eating options at Holland V. A recent outing there gave us a chance to try their food when we decided to dabao lunch from the restaurant.

The restaurant is not very big and has a casual, contemporary decor. If you are dining there in a group, you might want to specify the round table by the door (picture below) as it has the nicest spot and you can also people watch the many pedestrians passing by.

As we had in mind a quick lunch, we focused on the takeaway bento sets at Full of Luck restaurant. Although it must be said that the a la carte menu looks very interesting.

Full of Luck Restaurant Bento Set Menu

Here is a picture of the menu. We decided on the Signature Honey Glazed Char Siew Set and the Hakka Kurobuta Pork Set ($13.90 each).

The sets share the same side dishes of fried rice, vegetables and Golden Sand Corn (corn coated with salted egg yolk). They also come with a choice of drink – we elected to have lemon barley and honey lemon. Both drinks were good and we will be happy to order them again in the future.

We thought that all the supporting dishes were above average in bento quality. The fried rice was nice and dry. The broccolli was cooked just nice with a bit of crunch. The salted egg yolk corn was an interesting snack to have. The Hakka Kurobuta pork seemed like the deep-fried pork in sweet and sour pork, but without the sauce. It was rather dry and we would have preferred it with some gravy or sauce.

The star of our meal was the honey glazed char siew. It was the best char siew we have eaten in a while. It had a thick coating of honey which had been caramelised to become a sweet dark shell around the pork. We normally do not like sweet things, but this was not that sweet and even then the sweetness was presented in a pleasing way. We would just go straight for this char siew bento box in the future. In fact it might be a good idea to just place an order for a full portion of char siew from the a la carte menu and eat it with some steamed rice.

Chope Reservations

Full of Luck Restaurant
Holland Village
243 Holland Avenue

Tel: +65 6208 6845

Opening Hours: 11am to 11pm Daily

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Leadership is not about the next election, it’s about the next generation. – Simon Sinek

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