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Ah Yee’s Soon Kueh – a heritage Teochew snack shop

Traditional Teochew steamed dumplings made with bamboo shoots are the highlight of Ah Yee’s Soon Kueh. The heritage snack shop in Tembeling Road is the place for delectable soon kueh made the old fashion labour intensive way.

Ah Yee's Soon Kueh in Tembeling Road

Ah Yee’s Soon Kueh @ Tembeling

There was a popular soon kueh stall in Dunman Food Centre run by Madam Tay Lee Tiong. She stopped her business in spite of a loyal customer base because she was exhausted by her labour intensive traditional method of preparing soon kueh. Fortunately for us, with the help of her son, Madam Tay has restarted Ah Yee’s Soon Kueh after a hiatus of a number of years. The new shop at Tembeling Road, off Koon Seng Road, is not too far away from Dunman Food Centre.

Ah Yee's Soon Kueh

It occupies a corner shop house. Most of the shop space is taken up by the food preparation area. Most customers go there for takeaway. There are a few small tables for those who those who want to eat there.

Ah Yee's Soon Kueh

Ah Yee’s Soon Kueh Menu

Besides soon kueh, there are also png kuehs and ku chye kueh. There are also yam cakes and pumpkin cakes as well as glutinous rice. Below is a picture of the current menu of Ah Yee’s Soon Kueh.

Ah Yee's Soon Kueh Menu

Glutinuos Rice & Soon Kueh

We placed an order using the foodpanda platform. When we arrived at the shop in Tembeling Road at the appointed time, our soon kuehs and glutinous rice were packed and ready for collection.

Ah Yee's Glutinous Rice

The glutinous rice with dried shrimps and mushrooms had a nice aroma. It was tasty but not very special.

Ah Yee's Soon Kueh

The main reason to go to Ah Yee’s Soon Kueh would still be the soon kuehs. Their traditional Teochew snack was big and plumb. The skin was thin and silky and just slightly stretchy. The filling consisted of lots of bamboo shoots and dried shrimps as well as turnips and carrots. The taste was robust. We liked the aroma and texture of the soon kueh. With the sweet sauce and chilli sauce provided, the handmade Teochew kueh became a real delightful treat.

Ah Yee's Soon Kueh

Big in Size & Taste

It is good that Ah Yee or Aunty has decided to revive her soon kueh business. It is also good that her son is helping to take the business to another level. The branding is slick and there are online ordering, take-away and delivery options. The best thing is that we still have a place to go to for nostalgic treats – where the handmade soon kueh is big is size and big in taste.

Ah Yee’s Soon Kueh
124 Tembeling Road Singapore 423623

Tel: +65 9878 2843

Opening Hours: 7.30 am – 5 pm
Closed on Wednesday

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The 'good old times' - all times when old are good. - Lord Byron    quote
The ‘good old times’ – all times when old are good. – Lord Byron

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