TOP Virtual Mooncake Fair 2020

TOP Virtual Mooncake Fair 2020

Visiting Mid-Autumn Festival Fairs has become a tradition in Singapore. Crowds would throng the popular Takashimaya Mooncake Fair and pop up stalls in various malls to check out mooncakes with classic and exotic flavours and the creative gift boxes; as well as to try the free samples. Crowds are a big No No now. Since there is unlikely to be any big Mid-Autumn Festival Fair or Mooncake Fair this year, The Ordinary Patrons (TOP) will curate a virtual Mooncake Fair 2020.

Mooncake Fair

Virtual Mooncake Fair 2020

TOP Virtual Mooncake Fair 2020 lists the various hotels, restaurants and bakeries that allow you to shop online for your mooncakes, either for delivery or self collection.

Representative varieties and prices of each vendor will be listed, with photos of selected mooncakes and gift boxes where available. Links to the online stores are included. It will be almost like visiting the massive Mid-Autumn Festive Fair in Ngee Ann City, except that technology has not yet enabled you to sample mooncakes virtually.

Do check with the vendors regarding promotional prices, dates, details relating to delivery or self collection and other terms and conditions.


Carlton Hotel

(Photo: Carlton Hotel)

$76.25 | White Lotus Paste with Single Egg Yolk (4 pc)
$71.65 | Mini Walnut Moontart with Egg Yolk (8 pc)
$69.30 | Mini Baked Custard Mooncake (8 pc)
$72.75 | Mini Black Forest Snowskin Mooncake (8 pc)

(Photo: Carlton Hotel)

25% off 1 to 30 boxes purchased | 30% off 31 boxes and above purchased
Valid when payment is made with a Citibank, DBS/POSB, OCBC or UOB card.

Crowne Plaza Changi

$70 | Nyonya Mixed Nuts Baked (4 pc)
$74 | White Lotus Paste with Double Yolk Baked (4 pc)
$88 | Assorted Mooncakes in Limited Edition Plum Luggage
$74 | Assorted Snowskin (Mango Pomelo, Orh Nee, Pandan Kaya & Kueh Salat).

Assorted Mooncakes in Limited Edition Plum Luggage


30% for shopping online with self-collection

Goodwood Park

$39 | Lotus Seed Paste with Melon Seeds
$47 | Assorted Nuts with Ham (‘Kum Toy’)
$37 | Orange with Grape Snowskin
$63 | Premium Duo of Black Thorn and ‘Mao Shan Wang’ Durian snowskin

Goodwood Mooncakes

25% off 25 to 31 Aug 2020

15% off for CITI, DBS/POSB, OCBC, UOB Credit & Debit Cardmembers.

Holiday Inn Singapore Atrium

Mandarin Oriental Singapore

Mandarin Oriental Singapore

$78 | Low sugar lotus paste with single yolk
$88 | Low sugar lotus paste with double yolk
$78 |Lychee martini and chocolate truffle snow skin
$78 | Oolong tea infusion, dried apricot, pumpkin seeds snow skin

Mandarin Oriental Singapore

Marriott Tang Plaza


$72 | White Lotus Seed Paste Baked Mooncake with Macadamia Nuts
$82 | Gold Dusted Black Truffle Baked Mooncake with Bayonne Ham & Single Yolk
$72 | Almond Custard Snowskin Mooncake with Osmanthus Truffle
$84 | Pure ‘Mao Shan Wang’ Premium Grade Durian Snowskin

Marriott Mooncake

Pan Pacific Singapore

Hai Tien Lo’s Four Treasures Snowskin Mooncakes

$69.80 | White Lotus Paste with Single Yolk
$73.80 | Four Treasures Baked
$68.80 | Hazelnut Yuzu Snowskin
$88.80 | Mao Shan Wang Snowskin

Hai Tien Lo

1 to 31 August 2020 – 25% Early Bird Savings
1 September to 1 October 2020 – Up to 15% Savings

Halal Options Available

Shangri-La Hotel Singapore

Shang Palace Mooncakes

$118 | A limited edition Peranakan-inspired gift box designed by Benny Ong |Baked mooncakes filled with bak kwa, pork floss and nuts
$138 | Limited edition mini vegan mooncakes (8 pieces)
$96 | Reduced sugar white lotus seed paste with four yolks
$88 | Hennessy X.O. chocolate snowskin

Shangri La Mooncakes

Sheraton Towers Singapore

Sheraton Towers Mooncakes

$70 | White Lotus Seed Paste with Macadamia Nut
$76 | White Lotus Seed Paste with Double Egg Yolk
$70 | Mini Snow Skin Lychee Martini
$70 | Mini Snow Skin Green Tea

Mooncake Fair 2020 - Sheraton Towers

The Capitol Kempinski

The Capitol Kempinski Hotel Mooncake
(Photo: The Capitol Kempinski Hotel)

$70 | Mini Baked Pandan Paste with Melon Seeds
$78 | Mini Baked White Lotus Seed Paste with Egg Yolk (Reduced Sugar)
$74 | Mini Snowskin Lychee Rose
$78 | Mini Snowskin Valrhona 70%

The Capitol Kempinski Hotel Mooncake Gift Box
(Photo: The Capitol Kempinski Hotel)

20% off till 31 August


Bread Garden

 Bread Garden Mooncake
(Photo: Bread Garden)

$9.50 | Shanghai Mooncake (1 pc)
$12 | Lychee Roselia (1 pc)
$12.50 | Charcoal Premium Lotus Double Yolk (1 pc)
$23 | MSW Durian Snowy Skin (1 pc)

Bread Garden
(Photo: Bread Garden)

15% off till 25Aug

Vegetarian Options
Halal Options


Chang Ho Sek
(Photo: ChangHoSek)

$78 | Melon Seed
$88 | Double Yolk
$88 | Kueh Dadar Mooncake
$85 | D24 Durian Pengat

(Photo: ChangHoSek)

20% off till 31 August

Chinatown Tai Chong Kok

Chinatown Tai Chong Kok
(Photo : Chinatown Tai Chong Kok

$43.40 | Signature Lotus Pastry with Olive Kernel
$53.20 | Low Sugar White Lotus 2 Yolks with Olive Kernel
$53 | Low Sugar Mini Snow-Skin Lychee Martini Truffle Chocolate Ganache
$49 | Pecan Butter Pastry Brown Sugar Lotus Paste with Yolk

Chinatown Tai Chong Kok
(Photo : Chinatown Tai Chong Kok)

Vegetarian Options

Hang Heung 恆香老餅家

Hang Heung 恆香老餅家
(Photo Hang Heung)

$68.80 | Signature Double Yolk White Lotus Seed (4 pc)
$52.80 | Low Sugar Single Yolk White Lotus Seed Mini (6 pc)
$55.90 | Red Bean Paste Mooncake (4 pc)
$58.80 | Lava Custard

Hang Heung mooncake
(Photo Hang Heung)

15% off early Bird Promotion

Janice Wong

Janice Wong Chocolate Mooncakes.
(Photo: Janice Wong)

$78 | Floral Snow Skin mooncakes Box of 8
$78 | Singapore Signature Snowskin Mooncakes
$88 | Chocolate Mooncakes 8 Flavours
$68 | Minions Snow Skin mooncakes box of 9

Janice Wong Floral Snow Skin mooncakes and Flower Gift Box
(Photo: Janice Wong)

35% off until 30th Aug
25% from 1st Sep to 25th Sep


Kele Mooncakes

$62 | Adzuki Gula Melaka Snowskin
$68 | Mulberry Cream Cheese Snowskin
$68 | Rum & Raisin Snowskin
$88 | Mao Shan Wang Snowskin

Kele Mooncakes Gift Box

25% off 11 Aug – 20 Sep
10% off 21 Sep – 30 Sep

5% promo code for The Ordinary Patrons readers: KELEXOP5

L.E. Cafe Confectionery & Pastry

(Photo: L.E. Cafe Confectionery)

$23 | Moon Pies (8 pc standard packaging)
$33 | Moon Pies (8 pc premium gift box)

(Photo: L.E. Cafe Confectionery)

Discount for collection before 25 Sep

Mdm Ling Bakery

Mdm Ling Bakery
(Photo: Mdm Ling Bakery)

$28 | Traditional Baked Mooncake with Lotus Seed Paste & Almond Bits (2 pc)
$28 | Teochew Thousand-layer Spiral Yam Mooncake (4 pc)
$56 | Cookie-inspired Local Kopi Siew Dai Mooncake
$88 | Premium Mao Shan Wang Snowskin

Mdm Ling Bakery
(Photo: Mdm Ling Bakery)

Old Seng Choong

Red Lotus Paste with Bakwa - Old Seng Choong
(Photo: Old Seng Choong)

$63.80 | Lotus Paste with Yolk Blend & Pumpkin Seeds
$66.80 | White Lotus Paste with Yolk Blend
$72.80 | Red Lotus Paste with Bakwa

Old Seng Choong Mooncake
(Photo: Old Seng Choong)

25% off early bird special


Crystal Jade

Crystal Jade Moon Cake
(Photo: Crystal Jade)

$72.80 | White Lotus Paste with Double Yolk
$72.80 | Assorted Petitie Snowskin – flavours include Sea Salt Caramel, Lychee Martini, Coconut, Yam (8 pc)

Crystal Jade MoonCake Fair 2020
(Photo: Crystal Jade)

25% off till 6 Sep

Imperial Treasure

Kam’s Roast

$68 | Assorted Nuts with Roast Duck Mooncake (6 pc)
$68 |Red Dates Longan (6 pc)
$68 |Red Bean Orange Peel (6 pc)
$68 |Coconut Egg Yolk

20% off Kam’s Roast mooncakes with Joy Luck receipt within 2 days of purchase, or 15% off Kam’s Roast mooncakes when purchase is made by 30 September 2020.

Peony Jade

Peony Jade Mooncake
(Photo: Peony Jade)

$70 | Redeuced Sugar Premium Mother of Pearl White Lotus Paste and Melon Seeds
$79 | Taro de Lava Cha Cha” Combo Bluepea Flaky Teochew ‘Orh Ni’ BuBur Cha Cha
$78 | Mini Snow-Skin Mooncake with Champagne Truffle and Ganache
$115 | 100% Organic Pure Penang Black Gold Durian in Japanese Bamboo Charcoal Snowskin

Peony Jade FlakyTeochew Orh Ni Mooncake
(Photo: Peony Jade)

15% off 7 Aug to 6 Sep

Si Chuan Dou Hua

(Photo: Si Chuan Dou Hua)

$72 | White Lotus Paste with Single Yolk
$78 | White Lotus Paste with Double Yolk
$68 | Charcoal White Lotus Paste with Macadamia Nut

(Photo: Si Chuan Dou Hua)


15% off for online purchase using code “mooncakes2020”


Yàn - MoonCake Fair 2020

$66 | White Lotus with Macadamia Nuts
$68 | White Lotus with Double Yolk
$66 | Thousand Layer Yam Mooncake
$98 | Mao Shan Wang Durian Snowskin

Yàn Mooncakes


Awfully Chocolate

Awfully Chocolate Classic Baked Mooncakes
(Photo: Awfully Chocolate)

$88 | Classic Baked – in 4flavours, Dark Chocolate Brownie, Six Treasures in White Lotus, Shanghai White Lotus with Double Yolk, and Shanghai Golden Custard Single Yolk.
$88 | Chocolate Truffle

Awfully Chocolate Mooncakes
(Photo: Awfully Chocolate)

15% till 31 Aug

Drips Bakery Cafe

(Photo: Drips Bakery Cafe)

$38.80 | Drips mini Moon Tart Special
(6 pc – Pandan Coconut mooncake, Royal Milk Tea mooncake, Lotus with Yolk mooncake, Lemon Baked tart, Seasonal Fruits tart, Macadamia tart)

(Photo: Drips Bakery Cafe)


Starbucks Singapore Mid-Autumn
(Photo: Starbucks Singapore)

$59.90 | Gift Box of 8 assorted mooncakes
$5.90 |Lotus Paste with Egg Yolk (1 pc)
$5.90 | Starbucks Coffee with Caramel and Hazelnut (1 pc)
$5.90 |Lychee Black Tea (1 pc)

Starbucks Singapore Mid-Autumn
(Photo: Starbucks Singapore)

Starbucks Rewards Members: Enjoy 15% off with purchase of 2 gift boxes and above.

The Connoisseur Concerto | TCC

(Photo: TCC)

$64.49 | D’Signature Egg Yolk Blend
$64.49 | D’CLASSIC Collection – Traditional Baked
$64.49 | D’VINE Collection – Mini Snowskin
$73.83 | D’LUXE Collection – Mao Shan Wang Durian

(Photo: TCC)

We hope this Virtual Mooncake Fair 2020 will help somewhat to make up for missing the festivities and free samples at mid-autumn fairs this year. We will add more to the list from time to time until the Mid-Autumn Festival Day to be celebrated on 1 October 2020.

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