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Big Fish Small Fish – fish & chips shop in Bugis

Big Fish Small Fish is a fish and chips shop – differentiating itself from traditional fish & chips outlets by offering crisps instead of chips. The home grown casual restaurant also offers a selection of different fish to choose from.

Big Fish Small Fish

Big Fish Small Fish have several outlets – in Punggol East Containers Park, Northpoint City, Tampines Mall, JCube and Bugis Junction. The outlet in Bugis is located on the 4th level and occupies part of the circular corridor space around the escalator well.

Big Fish Small Fish at Bugis Junction
Big Fish Small Fish Singapore

The interior has the aesthetics of the old wharf warehouse. Bright colours give the place a cheerful look. Sections of the restaurant in Bugis Junction have decor which is a nod to Big Fish Small Fish’s origin in Punggol East Containers Park.

Big Fish Small Fish - Fish & Chips

Big Fish Small Fish Menu

There is nothing surprising about the menu of Big Fish Small Fish. There are fried fish and grilled fish with a variety of side dishes. Fried chicken and grilled chicken are also available in case you go to a fish & chips shop but decide not to have fish.

Below is a picture of the menu board. When you are in the cafe, you can scan a QR code for the digital ordering system which will have the menu.

Big Fish Small Fish Menu

Whether you want fried fish with batter or grilled fish, you can choose from a selection of different fish. There is a helpful chart describing the flavour and texture of each of the species of fish available.

Big Fish Small Fish Singapore
Big Fish Small Fish Set Lunches

Besides the a la carte menu, Big Fish Small Fish offers set lunches and some special deals for students.

Big Fish Small Fish Student's Catch

Big Fish Small Fish Set Lunches

We ordered a Grilled Halibut Set Lunch ($15.60) and the Signature Fish & Crisp (Dory) Set Lunch ($9.89). GST and service charge would be added to the bill – so the actual amounts paid were $18.36 and $11.54.

Big Fish Small Fish - Grilled Fish Set Lunch

Each set came with a drink and soup. The soup, served in a paper cup, was quite nice. A variety of different seafood and vegetables were cooked in a cream base to create a chowder that was rich and palatable.

For the Grilled Halibut Set, we opted for Pilaf Rice with Sauteed Vegetables as our sides. Potato crisp was also included in the set. The piece was of halibut was quite large. The flesh was moist but not as firm as we had expected it to be. The grilled fish was fairly ordinary but the various sauces provided would make it more enjoyable.

Big Fish Small Fish - Grilled Halibut Set Lunch
Big Fish Small Fish - Fish & Crisp Set Lunch - Dory

The Signature Fish & Crisp looked like the good old English style of fish and chips but with thin crisps instead of fries. The golden brown batter was quite thick and was crunchy. The dory fish was decent. The best part of the meal was the tartar sauce provided. It made everything on the plate taste better.

Fish & Crisp Set Lunch - Dory

Decent Affordable Meal

We can get seriously good fish & chips in Singapore – in places such as The English House and Bread Street Kitchen. Big Fish Small Fish is not swimming in the same pond as those more illustrious names. It is a casual restaurant for a decent fish meal at a very affordable price – and that is what many people want most of the times.

Big Fish Small Fish Singapore

Big Fish Small Fish Bugis Junction
200 Victoria Street #04-05
Singapore 188021

Tel: +65 6904 8386

​Opening Hours: 11am to 9.30pm

Nearby MRT Station: Bugis


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Fishes live in the sea, as men do a-land; the great ones eat up the little ones.

—William Shakespeare
Fishes live in the sea, as men do a-land; the great ones eat up the little ones. – William Shakespeare

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