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Scoot@Home – Scoot Airline Meals at Home

Scoot@Home is the name for the Scoot Airline’s Meals at Home. It is the lower priced version of the widely talked about SIA@Home meals. This arrived from Scoot recently. I am not sure when Scoot is launching it or the price point. But we tried it anyway and this is our verdict.

The package from Scoot arrived with a tinfoil covered dish, bottled water, a popcorn snack, paper towel and plastic utensils. These were accompanied by the instructions for preparing the food. The instructions were clear – it takes 90 seconds to prepare by microwave. They even provided guidance as to how the items should be placed to mimic the inflight experience.

Our Scoot Inflight Meal in 2018

Here is a picture of the Scoot braised chicken with rice meal that we tried on a flight in 2018. We paid $12 and topped up another $3 for a can of Coke.  The portion was small and the presentation was rather unattractive. The taste was pretty good but the quantity was small and the bits of chicken were tiny. You can read about our real life Scoot inflight meal here.

Scoot Food 2018 file photo

The Scoot@Home – Scoot Airline Meal at Home

Back to the present, the picture below was how our Scoot@Home – Scoot Airline meal looked like. It certainly looks better than the real one we tried a couple of years ago on the real Scoot flight. It was pack of a soy sauce chicken with rice meal.

Like the airborne version, the new Scoot@Home meal had a wonderful aroma. It also tasted nice – like a well-prepared soy sauce chicken with rice at a hawker centre or restaurant. The quality and quantity of ingredients of the land version were better than the real inflight version. We would be happy to eat this as a form of ta-bao meal.


Apart from the usual cost benefit analysis, I suppose some people may be prepared to pay a premium for packaged inflight meals. I can understand why people are excited about the premium SIA@Home meals. They can reminisce about the romance of flying or discover the food served in business class or first class without the expensive ticket prices. But I am not sure I want to re-live the experience of a budget class flight. Perhaps those who are used to business class travel would be interested to try them to see how the other 95% manage to survive on the flights.

For more details of Scoot inflight food choices and flight destinations – see the Scoot Website.

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Men travel faster now, but I do not know if they go to better things.
- Willa Cather
Men travel faster now, but I do not know if they go to better things.
– Willa Cather

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