La Dame de Pic Singapore : Review of Weekend Lunch

La Dame de Pic Raffles Singapore is three-Michelin-starred French chef Anne-Sophie Pic’s debut entry into Asia. The $128 ++ lunch menu is the most afforable way to dine at La Dame de Pic Singapore. It is available only on Friday, Saturday and Sunday (excluding public holidays).

La Dame de Pic Singapore

It is always a pleasure to visit the Raffles Singapore. To get to La Dame de Pic restaurant, we were led from the main entrance of the hotel through a side gate that leads to the residential part of the premises. It is an oasis of calm compared to the public areas of the hotel.

La Dame de Pic Singapore – The Restaurant

Anne-Sophie Pic and her family has a culinary heritage that spans more than a century. Their restaurant, Maison Pic in Valence, south-east France, holds a three-star distinction from the Michelin Guide 2007 to the present. The Singapore restaurant opened in mid-2019 and probably missed the cycle for the 2019 Singapore Michelin Guide. After that, COVID happened. We will have to wait till 2021 to see if La Dame de Pic gets any Michelin Stars. For a detailed account of the Pic family, see this article in Forbes : The Saga Of Maison Pic And Its Three Michelin Stars.

La Dame de Pic Singapore -Review of Weekend Lunch

The restaurant has a classy but not too formal atmosphere. The large gold chandelier in the middle is a dramatic centrepiece. The lights have tiers of discs with spade-shaped cutouts – ‘La Dame de Pic’ means ‘queen of spades’ in French. The best tables are the few that are located in the semi-private alcoves (see picture below). We would specify these tables the next time we make a reservation at La Dame de Pic.

Bread and Wines

A bread basket with three kinds of bread was offered soon after we were seated. The bread were all fine but I was hoping for more variety or perhaps something more unusual.

La Dame de Pic Singapore -Review of Weekend Lunch

Lunch at a posh French restaurant like La Dame de Pic Singapore would not be complete without some wine. The wine list of La Dame is extensive, with a focus on French wines. The wines start from around $120. Those with bigger budgets can look at big names like Romanée-Conti with four and five-figure prices. Here are some sample pages.

There is a ‘one-for-one’ BYO option at La Dame de Pic. Purchase a bottle from the restaurant and bring one from home with no corkage fee charged. Our red wine for lunch was a 2008 Ch Pontet Canet that was brought from home. We selected a 2016 J.L. Chave Circa white wine from the wine list ($128). It is a wine from the Rhône Valley, Anne-Sophie Pic’s birthplace.

La Dame de Pic Singapore -Review of Weekend Lunch

La Dame de Pic Singapore Lunch Menu

Here is a picture of the Lunch menu ($128) that we tried. With only two options available for each course, we did not repeat any choice and were able to taste all the items on the menu. The other menus available were the Experience and Elegance menus ($248 and $338 respectively).We have provided a link to all the menus at the end of this post.

La Dame de Pic Singapore Review Lunch Menu

The Snacks

La Dame de Pic Singapore Weekend Lunch Snacks

Once the orders have been taken and the drinks were served, the food service began, starting with a quartet of snacks. The details of each of them were explained to us. But I can’t remember most of them. My two favourite are the ones that look like lime (picture above) but burst in your mouth like ondeh ondeh and the crackers with raw mackerel in them. Overall they are a fun way to start our meal.

The Starters

The starters were Farmed Egg (picture below) and Octopus from the Mediterranean. French restaurants have a way of elevating a humble egg dish into something memorable. We had good experiences with egg dishes at Odette and Nicolas recently. Likewise at La Dame de Pic, the poached egg was combined with an intense mushroom broth to make a dish with deep complex flavours.

La Dame de Pic Singapore Weekend Lunch Appetiser

The Octopus (picture below) had a more predictable taste. It was cooked just right to be soft and not tough. The surprise flavours came from its companion, a slice of eggplant topped with wonderful tasting condiments. Both were equally good but if I am forced to pick one, the egg wins narrowly.

Main Courses

Both main courses were substantial dishes – Milk-Fed Lamb Leg from Pyrennes (picture below) and Wild Meagre Ikejime from Brittany. The lamb was the more straightforward dish. A nice piece of meat accompanied by a slice of artichoke. The lamb must have been very young. The meat was tender and did not have any of the tastes we associate with lamb at all. Those who dislike any hint of gaminess will be happy with this. Personally I like lamb to have some of its usual flavour (but not too much of it).

La Dame de Pic Singapore -Main Course Weekend Lunch

We agreed that the Wild Meagre Ikejime from Brittany cooked Meunière style was the more interesting main course. I had to Google to find out what is “Meagre Ikejime”. From my quick research, meagre is a type of fish and ikejime is a Japanese method of slaughtering fish which is humane and allows the fish to develop more umami when aged. It must have worked as the fish, complemented by the umami-intensive sauce was wonderful.

Cheese Trolley at La Dame de Pic

La Dame de Pic Singapore -Cheese trolley Weekend Lunch

After the main course was over, the cheese trolley was wheeled over to the table. The optional cheese course costs $38 per person and can be added on to any of the menus. I think it is particularly suitable to go with the lunch menu which does not already have so many things going on. It is fun to choose the different cheeses. A fresh type of fruit bread was served to go with the cheese. This was even better than the bread served at the beginning of the meal.


La Dame de Pic Singapore Weekend Lunch Dessert

The desserts in the lunch menu were Pineapple and Chrysanthemum (picture above) and Filipino Mango Exotic. They were both good and uncomplicated desserts.

Time passed very quickly during our lunch at La Dame de Pic Singapore. The three and half hour lunch ended with these petit fours. The $128 lunch menu did not have any exotic ingredients like rare sea creatures or culinary theatre with smoke and fireworks. These luxuries would be good to have if we had to impress a guess. But were not necessary for a meal among friends. Service was less polished than some of the more established M-Star restaurants in Singapore but we like the friendliness and approachability of the restaurant staff.

Food: 4
Service: 5
Value: 4
Atmosphere: 5
Overall Rating: 4 TOPs  4 tops

La Dame de Pic Singapore
1 Beach Road
Raffles Hotel Singapore
Singapore 189673

Chope Reservations
Online Reservation for La Dame de Pic

Tel: +65 6412 1185 or +65 8685 6300

Opening Hours:
Lunch (Friday to Sunday): 12:00 pm to 1:45 pm
Dinner (Wednesday to Saturday): 6:30 pm to 8:45 pm
Closed on Mondays and Tuesdays


Nearby MRT Stations: City Hall, Esplanade

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Cooking is a bit like cinema. It’s the emotion that counts. - Anne-Sophie Pic
Cooking is a bit like cinema. It’s the emotion that counts. – Anne-Sophie Pic

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