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Shafyq’s Platform M at SingPost Centre (Closed)

Platform M, a multi stall food hall on the second level of SingPost Centre, had been closed for a number of months. It has now been revived as Shafyq’s Platform M. The new Platform M still has the old iteration’s Japanese, Korean, Chinese and Western cuisines and has added nasi padang and roti prata stations to the food hall.

Shafyq's Platform M

Platform M at SingPost Centre

Shafyq's Platform M

Platform M used to be a food hall featuring the various restaurants of home-grown restaurant chain Ministry Of Food (MOF) – including Tensho 天勝, Ju Hao, Cafemama and Kazu Kazu. Many MOF outlets shut abruptly earlier in the year and Platform M by MOF at SingPost Centre was also shuttered. In October, the lights at Platform M came on again. The food hall concept is the same but with a slightly different mix of cuisines and a slightly different name – Shafyq’s Platform M.

Tensho 天勝 (for tempura rice bowls) and Kazu (for Japanese rice bowls) as well Ju Hao (for Northern Chinese fare) can still be found in the revived Platform M. The Western food and Korean food restaurants are also in Shafyq’s Platform M but with new names.

Below is the layout floor map infographic of Shafyq’s Platform M

Here are photos of the various “restaurants” or stations and menus we have seen at Shafyq’s Platform M at Singpost Centre.

Shafyq’s Teh Tarik

Shafyq's Teh Tarik

The drinks stall is Shafyq’s Teh Tarik which of course offers teh tarik and other sarabat stall beverages.

Gordon Grill

Shafyq's Gordon Grill

We wonder why the Western food station has the same name as the steakhouse in Goodwood Park Hotel. Shafyq’s Gordon Grill and Goodwood Park’s Gordon Grill both served Western food but are as different as it can get.

Menu of Shafyq's Gordon Grill
Shafyq's Gordon Grill Pasta

We tried the Grilled Chicken Pasta ($9.80) and it was not bad. The creamy pasta sauce was in fact very nice.

Shafyq's Platform M Pasta

Tensho 天勝

Tensho 天勝

Tensho 天勝 was one of the most popular restaurants of the MOF Group. It is one of the stations of the old Platform M that is now in Shafyq’s Platform M. It offers tempura rice bowls and tempura with noodles.

Tensho Menu
Tensho 天勝 Menu

Kazu Donburi

The old Kazu Kazu is now known as Kazu Donburi. It offers a variety of Japanese rice bowls.

We have tried the Gyu Don ($8.90). The quality and taste of the rice bowl was decent considering the price point.

Ju Hao

Ju Hao had restaurants in many malls at one time. If you miss their la main and dumplings, you can head to Shafyq’s Pltorm M to get them.


Haengsyo at SingPost Centre

Haengsyo offers a wide range of Korean dishes including fried chicken, ramen and army stew.

Haengsyo at Platform MN
Haengsyo Menu
Shafyq's Haengsyo menu
Dorisak at Platform M Singpost Centre

Alamak Cik

Alamak Cik has not started operations when we visited Platform M in early November. Lontong, nasi padang and soto ayam are on its menu.

Makkals Roti

Makkals Roti also had not opened for business when we visited. Presumably it would be offering roti prata and Indian roti.

W Acai

The standalone contemporary cafe offer’s acai bowls and beverages.

W Acai Facebook Page

Shafyq's Platform M at SingPost Centre

Shafyq’s Platform M at SingPost Centre
10 Eunos Road 8
Singapore 408600

Nearby MRT Station : Paya Lebar Interchnage

Platform M Facebook Page

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