Bistro G Millenia Walk – New Cafe Review.

Bistro G Millenia Walk is a new restaurant by the folks behind Patisserie G in the same shopping mall. The new Bistro G is quite a large restaurant, taking up the space that used to be Plentifull. The decor has been revamped and is now more casual and airy.

Bistro G Millenia Walk

The floor is bare concrete and all its M & E fittings overhead remain exposed for all to see. It could have turned out messy but thanks to the natural light and the high ceiling, it manages to look nice – in a loft sort of way.

Bistro G Millenia Walk - New Cafe Review.

Bistro G Menu

Bistro G Millenia Walk - New Cafe Review.

Here are pictures of a portion of the Bistro G menu and the wine list. The $18 weekday set lunch looks attractive. But we were there on a weekend and so had to order from the a la carte menu.

Bistro G Millenia Walk Menu
Bistro G Millenia Walk Set Lunch Menu
Bistro G Millenia Walk Wine List

Our Lunch at Millenia Walk

We only ordered two items that day – Meatball and Pesto Pizza and Snapper ($22 each). It was more than adequate for two persons as the pizza was a large one. We had expected the meatballs to be strong and flavourful. But they were rather mild in taste. Some thin slices of broccoli added texture, but we thought that it was overall rather bland. We asked for some chilli flakes and that improved the taste considerably. The best part of the Bistro G pizza was the crust. The thick parts were chewy and had a pleasant doughy taste.

Bistro G Millenia Walk Pizza

The Snapper was probably pan-fried. The skin was stretchy rather than crispy. There was no sauce. And so it was a dry lonely piece of fish. The roasted vegetables on the side stole the show. They were the highlight of the dish. I suppose it is a healthy dish – fatless fish with a good portion of veggies.

The draft beer was pleasant and we noticed that the wine prices seem reasonable. A bottle of Cloudy Bay is listed at $65, which we often see sold at supermarkets at around $40-something. Compared to the dizzying wine mark-ups seen at many other restaurants, this is not bad. This could be a chillout kind of place, especially at happy hour.

The array of pastries was not as wide as that available at Patisserie G down the corridor at Millenia Walk. We tried Danish pastry. It was ok – no different from one at any other bakery, but disappointing considering the baking pedigree of the “G”.

Food: 3
Service: 4
Value: 3
Atmosphere: 3
Overall Rating: 3 TOPs 3 Tops

Chope Reservations

Bistro G Millenia Walk
9 Raffles Blvd
Singapore 039596

Opening Hours: 12 noon 9 pm

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Our choices define us, but so do the things we choose to leave out. -Toh Wen Li

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