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Socieaty by Les Amis Restaurant Review – 7 brands in one outlet at Farrer Park

Socieaty is a new multi-brand restaurant by the Les Amis restaurant group at Farrer Park MRT station. Combining the words “society” and “eat” to form its name, Socieaty offers a menu of over 100 dishes from Peperoni, NamNam, Mui Kee Congee, Tenjin, Sushi Jin, Lemak Boys and Tarte.

Socieaty by Les Amis Restaurant Review

The new restaurant Socieaty is like a Top Hits of Les Amis Compilation CD. The songs on the album are by various artistes: Pasta and Pizza by Peperoni, Beef Noodles by NamNam, Smooth Cantonese Congee by Mui Kee Congee, Donburi and Bento from the Japanese duo Tenjin and Sushi Jin, Nasi Lemak from the Lemak Boys and Sweet Desserts by Tarte. The combined menu is really extensive. You can review the online menu for a list of what to eat at Socieaty (link provided at the end of this post.

Socieaty by Les Amis Restaurant Review

Socieaty by Les Amis is located in the space that was previously occupied by the Escape Restaurant & Lounge, the previous hotel restaurant of the One Farrer Park Hotel. The hotel is one part of a large complex known as Connexion standing on top of the Farrer Park MRT station. Connexion at Farrer Park is an integrated medical and hospitality complex that opened in late 2014. It also houses the Farrer Park Hospital, the Farrer Park Medical Centre and some other restaurants and shops.

Socieaty by Les Amis Restaurant Review

Socieaty Menu

The Socieaty restaurant online menu is conveniently organised into sub-menus according to the various brands. Here are some sample screen-shots of the Socieaty menu. We ordered a wide range of food on our visit.

Lemak Boys and Nam Nam at Socieaty

We had Premium Nasi Lemak ($18.50) and Vietnamese beef noodles ($12.90) from Lemak Boys and Nam Nam. You can read about our lunch at the Lemak Boys outlet in Shaw Centre here. $18.90 is quite a high price to pay for nasi lemak but this was the premium version with assam curry prawns on the side. I think the regular nasi lemak ($12.90) would be more than enough for future visits. Most of us are familiar with the NamNam beef noodles and we continue to be impressed by their consistently high quality.

Socieaty by Les Amis Restaurant Review - Lemak Boys Nam Nam

Mui Kee Congee at Socieaty

Socieaty by Les Amis Restaurant Review - Mui Kee Congee

We tried a couple of items from Mui Kee – Parrot Fish Congee ($12.90, picture above) and Beef with Ginger Claypot and Plain Congee ($18.90 + $3, picture below). These dishes were enjoyed by everyone. Even the plain congee has some flavour and tasted good on its own. The beef claypot had a wonderful aroma from the ginger and spring onions. You can read about our visit to the Mui Kee restaurant here.

Socieaty by Les Amis Restaurant Review Mui Kee Claypot

Peperoni Pizzeria

The younger ones feasted on a large pizza from Peperoni. This was a large size ‘half and half’ pizza – pepperoni on one half and something else (I think it was meatballs) on the others.

Socieaty by Les Amis Restaurant Review - Peperoni Pizza


Tenjin is a new smart casual Japanese restaurant concept by Les Amis. The outlet is in Shaw Centre and specialises in tempura donburi. At Socieaty, various set meals are available. We selected the Tempura Moriwase Set ($24.80, picture below). It was the most elegant dish of the day. The assorted tempura was served with rice, salad and miso soup. You can read about our visit to the Tenjin restaurant here.

Socieaty by Les Amis Restaurant Review Tenjin Tempura

The name of the restaurant Socieaty was formed with the words “society” and “eat”. Which I think sums up the USP of the restaurant. Different members of society with their own food preferences can eat at the same place. I find it very useful especially when dining with fussy eaters. Everyone gets what they want without having to compromise. My favourite dishes were those from NamNam and Mui Kee. I thought that the pizza and the tempura was average. But this is all subjective – the folks who ordered pizza probably has the opposite opinion of mine. Service was very good and the food preparation time was quick. It was a busy restaurant when we were there for lunch on a weekday.

Socieaty by Les Amis Restaurant Review

Food: 3
Service: 5
Value: 4
Atmosphere: 4
Overall Rating: 4 TOPs  4 tops

Socieaty (Located in One Farrer Hotel)
1 Farrer Park Station Road
Singapore 217562

Chope Reservations

Opening Hours
Lunch: 1130am – 230pm (Last Order: 2pm)
Dinner: 530pm – 10pm (Last Order: 930pm)

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