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Basque Kitchen Restaurant Review: Lunch Discovery Degustation Menu (Closed)

Basque Kitchen by Aitor is a Singapore one-Michelin Star restaurant at Amoy Street. We were there for lunch recently and tried the $158++ Discovery Degustation Menu.

Basque Kitchen by Aitor Singapore

Basque Kitchen by Aitor restauarant is helmed by Chef Aitor who apparently has family ties rooted in Basque Country, He had worked in some of the world’s best restaurants, like Mugaritz in Spain, The Fat Duck in London and Iggy’s in Singapore.

Basque Kitchen by Aitor Restaurant

We have not visited Basque Country, but we know that this region, straddling the border between France and Spain, is known for their culinary stars. According to this article, there are almost 40 Michelin-starred restaurants in this region and they tend to be less expensive compared to other places. It was therefore with high expectations when we visited Basque Kitchen at Amoy Street.

Basque Kitchen by Aitor Review

Basque Kitchen by Aitor Menu

There were two lunch menus at Basque Kitchen at the time of our visit at the end of December 2020. I had a quick glance at their current menu in January 2021 and they look substantially the same. We picked the Discovery Degustation menu ($158++). Here are pictures of the Basque Kitchen lunch menus and also sample pages from the wine list.

Wine at Basque Kitchen

For us, the best time to dine at Basque Country Singapore is either on a Monday or Tuesday. These are days when no corkage fee is charged on wines brought by diners. This BYOB arrangement is limited to one bottle for two guests. Since we had to select one type of wine to go with a wide range of food in the menu, we decided that a white wine with a heavier taste might do the trick. The BYOB wine of choice for our lunch was a 2010 Domaine Jean-Louis Chave Hermitage Blanc.

Basque Kitchen by Aitor Review

The K&L Wines website has a brief description of the 2010 Chave Hermitage Blanc. It was apparently awarded 99 points by the Wine Spectator magazine who described it as “(r)ipe and unctuous, showing terrific cut, with heather, white peach, green almond, Anjou pear, persimmon and macadamia nut notes all framed by a toasted brioche hint …”. We did not detect all those flavours, but it was very delicious.

Lunch at Basque Kitchen by Aitor

Bread and Snacks


Lunch started with a chunck of bread – hard on the outside but nice and soft inside. The crust was too tough for us but we focused on the chewy bread inside which was very tasty.

Basque Kitchen by Aitor Lunch
Basque Kitchen by Aitor Lunch

The snacks that followed were wonderful. The bite-sized jewels were creatively presented and tasted exquisite. I can’t remember the details but the smoked fish (above picture) and the truffle item (picture below) were very good.

The Appetisers

There were three appetisers – oyster, tomato and artichoke. The oyster (picture below) was the best, both in terms of looks and taste. The very fresh oyster looked beautiful with the colourful flowers. The jalapeno gazpacho added zest to the clean flavour.

Basque Kitchen by Aitor Oyster

The tomato (above) and artichoke (picture below) were less dramatic than the oyster but they were memorable for their simple and pure flavours.

Basque Kitchen by Aitor artichoke

Main Courses

For main course, there was a choice of fish or beef. We chose one of each. Like many other restaurants, the main course was the most boring part of the meal.

Unusually for a fine dining restaurant, the Cod (picture above) was served fried with batter. The Tenderloin (picture below) looks more refined with foie gras for added flavour.

Cheese and Dessert

There was a choice of artisanal cheese or a dessert called cherry and chocolate. The latter was a nice dessert but not memorable. The better choice was the cheese – we selected five kinds of cheese from the tray that we never heard of and they tasted great.


Lunch at Basque Kitchen Singapore was an enjoyable experience. The food, service and ambience of the restaurant was deserving of a one-star Michelin restaurant. Perhaps more.

Food: 4
Service: 5
Value: 4
Atmosphere: 4
Overall Rating: 4 TOPs


Basque Kitchen by Aitor (Closed)

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