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Mun’s Seafood Pao Fan Review: New Ghim Moh Stall by Ex-Wah Lok Chef

Mun’s Seafood Pao Fan is a new stall in a Ghim Moh coffeeshop that is drawing in the crowds. It is opened by a chef with an impressive CV. Chef Chan How Mun had a long career at top Singapore Chinese restaurants such as Wah Lok Cantonese Restaurant at Carlton Hotel.

Mun's Seafood Pao Fan Ghim Moh

Mun’s Seafood Pao Fan is located in the S-Star Coffeeshop at Ghim Moh Link. This is the “modern” part of Ghim Moh. The familiar Ghim Moh wet market lies on the “old” side, on the opposite side of the Ulu Pandan canal park connector. The new and old parts of Ghim Moh are connected by the Canopy Bridge across the canal.

Mun's Seafood Pao Fan S Star Coffeeshop

There are quite a few interesting stalls at the S Star Coffeeshop (Facebook). In the evenings, the main attraction is the popular 小厨小酌(Xiao Chu Xiao Zhuo) tze char stall. In the day time, Mun’s Seafood Pao Fan was the one with the longest queue when we visited for lunch.

Mun’s Seafood Pao Fan at Ghim Moh Link

Mun's Seafood Pao Fan Review

“Not too bad” was what I thought when we got there as there were only about 8 people in front of us. But it took us 30 minutes to get to the front – quite a few folks were buying bags of takeaways! The Mun’s Seafood Pao Fan menu is quite straight forward – its either pao fan (porridge) or noodles with toppings of seafood, pork or fishball. We decided to try two types of pao fan and one noodle dish.

Mun's Seafood Pao Fan Menu

Our Lunch at SStar Coffeeshop

This is a picture of our lunch – Seafood Pao Fan ($6.90), Fishball Pork Pao Fan ($4.50) and Fishball Pork Noodle ($4.20). The two bowls of pao fan tasted the same. The broth was not as rich as we had anticipated. We learnt from an 8days article that the broth is made from pork bones and carrots. Which explains the lack of a strong seafood flavour. The amount of rice in both was quite substantial.

Mun's Seafood Pao Fan
Mun's Seafood Pao Fan

The only difference in the two bowls of pao fan was in the toppings. The seafood pao fan had toppings of one scallop, two prawns and some clams and slices of fish. We thought that the seafood items were good and $6.90 is probably a fair price for it. The pork and fishball version contained fishballs which we thought were fine but we did not like the pork slices. They had a texture which seemed different from what we were expecting. Perhaps it was a result of a tenderising process.

Mun's Seafood Pao Fan

The surprise winner at our lunch was the fishball and pork noodles. The fishballs and pork were the same as in the pao fan version, but the noodles warmed our cockles. Yellow noodles had been fried and coated with a very satisfying flavour of lard and sauces. This is something we look forward to trying again.


Mun’s Seafood Pao Fan
#01-01, 25 Ghim Moh Link, Singapore 270025
Opening Hours – 1100 – 1500; 1730 – 1930
Closed on Tuesdays.

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