Takashimaya CNY Fair 2021: Our Incomplete Visit to …

Takashimaya CNY Fair 2021 is not the same as the usual Chinese New Year event that takes place each year at the Basement 2 Event Hall. The scaled down 2021 Taka CNY event takes place in the store at B2 and in the “Talking Hall” space at B1. We did not even try to get into the latter as there was a long queue to get in.

Takashimaya CNY Fair 2021 at Talking Hall (Level B1)

The usual Takashimaya CNY Fair is an event that we usually enjoy going to. Taking place in the vast Event Hall, there would be a huge number of stalls, special deals, endless food samples and a carnival-like atmosphere. See for example our visit to Taka CNY Fair 2020. It is not the same in 2021. I suppose because of COVID controls, the event is a much reduced activity. There are stalls set up in areas outside Cold Storage in B2 and in the B1 exhibition space within Takashimaya Department store near the bed linen section.

Our visit to the CNY Fair started at B1. The Talking Hall space was a cordoned off area. I think they were limiting the number of people inside, which is a good thing in present circumstances. But this meant a long snaking queue waiting to get in. This is a picture of the queue at an off-peak time of around 1130 on a weekday. We can only imagine what would it be like on a weekend.

Because of the strict crowd control, it looked like a pleasant place once the shoppers get in as it was not crowded inside. Not being fans of queuing we can only show you these pictures taken from outside. Some of the stalls set up at Takashimaya CNY Fair 2021 at B1 Talking Hall are Mdm Ling Bakery, Kele, Christine’s and Kee Wah Bakery.

One big advantage of attending these CNY fairs is the ability to taste samples. Many of the cookies look alike and all of them have nice packaging. There seems to be no tasting options in 2021. Those who prefer to avoid the physical fair this year can use the Takashimaya online store instead.

Takashimaya CNY “Fair” 2021 – Stalls at Level B2

The CNY fair at B2 is held within the usual department store space. Some stalls such as King of Melon Seeds have been specifically set up for the Chinese New Year Festive Celebrations 2021. Others are regular stalls in the department store such as Bee Cheng Hiang. The food section of Takashimaya tends to be quite crowded even on normal days, so expect more of a squeeze during this CNY period. There was no restriction of entry to this part of the store, but ropes and queuing aids were set up around specific stalls. Here are some of the stalls we thought might be of interest to our readers.

King of Melon Seeds


Rasa Sayang

Aunty Esther’s

Bee Cheng Hiang

Bengawan Solo

BBQ Chef

Tam Kah Shark’s Fin

Other Stalls at B2

In addition to the brands and food types that we associate specifically with Lunar New Year, it seems that many of the outlets at Takashimaya B2 have also joined in the festivity and tailormade their products for the occasion. A Godiva hamper is something we would love to receive whether it is for Christmas or CNY or Valentine’s Day, which by the way is also just around the corner.

Takashimaya CNY Festive Celebrations 2021
Tue 14 Jan 2020 to Wed 10 Feb 2021
Online Store, Food Hall, Talking Hall

391A Orchard Road, Singapore 238873
Sun to Thu, 11am to 8pm
Fri & Sat, 11am to 9.30pm

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