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TOP Dempsey Restaurants 2022 & Reviews

Here is our TOP list of Dempsey Restaurants 2022 with links to our reviews which contain more information of restaurants and pictures of menu with prices (where available). Whether for breakfast, brunch, lunch or dinner, we hope that this list of Dempsey Restaurants will be useful to our readers as a guide to what and where to eat at Dempsey Hill.

TOP Dempsey Restaurants 2021 & Reviews, Plank
Baker & Cook, Plank Pizza @ Dempsey

Introduction to Dempsey Hill: Dempsey, Minden, Loewen and Tanglin Village

TOP Dempsey Restaurants 2021 & Reviews

Tanglin Village is the collective description for the area which used to be the Central Manpower Base (CMPB), a group of buildings used for military’s administrative functions. We often refer to this area generally as the Dempsey Hill or Dempsey Road restaurants. Within the Village, there are separate clusters of buildings known as the Dempsey, Minden and Loewen clusters. We are most familiar with the Dempsey and Minden clusters as these are where most of the restaurants are located. The Loewen cluster (former Loewen Road camp) is slightly detached from the others (and therefore less visible to the casual visitor). It is a ten minute walk from PS Cafe. Its tenants include a few food outlets but are mostly retail and services such as Invictus International School, The Wagington Luxury Pet Hotel, Melbourne Specialist International School, Core Collective (Dempsey) and SWISH Swimming.

Information on Dempsey Restaurants

As restaurant details such as menus and opening hours often change, we recommend that you check with the restaurants for the current information.  Where available, we have provided links to the Chope reservation system for the respective restaurants. The spaciousness of the place with most restaurants on the ground floor of low buildings and free parking at Dempsey are two big attractions of dining at Dempsey. Reservations are recommended for weekends and even on weekdays for the popular restaurants.

This sign contains some information on the history of Dempsey Hill.

TOP Dempsey Restaurants 2021 & Reviews
History of Dempsey Hill

TOP List of Dempsey Restaurants 2021


Claudine Dempsey

Opened at Dempsey Hill at the end of 2021, Claudine is another restaurant by Chef Julien Royer. It has taken over the old chapel building along Harding Road which used to house the White Rabbit restaurant. It must be hard to be the younger sister of an over-achiever sibling. Read more.

Claudine Restaurant
39C Harding Road, Singapore 249541

Opening Hours:
Tuesday to Sunday
Lunch: 11.45am to 2pm (last seating)
Dinner: 6pm to 9.30pm (last seating)
Closed on Mondays

Terra Madre Restaurant and Organic Food Store

Terra Madre Restaurant Dempsey Review

Opened in November 2021, Terra Madre Restaurant is the latest new restaurant at Dempsey. Together with a retail store next to the restaurant, Terra Madre Dempsey is said to be Singapore’s largest organic and natural food store and restaurant. It is situated in the Loewen cluster which is a short walk away from the usual restaurant places at Dempsey. This is the part of Dempsey where the Invictus international school is located. Read more.

Terra Madre Restaurant
Block 71 Loewen Road
Singapore (248847)

Chope Book Now - Restaurant Reservation

Mon-Sun: 8am-10pm 


Canchita Peruvian Cuisine

Opened in April 2021, Canchita Peruvian Cuisine is one of the newer restaurants at Dempsey Hill. It occupies a small building at the edge of Dempsey Hill where its obscure location gives it a panoramic view of the surrounding forest. Our lunch at Canchita was like dining in a treehouse. Read more.

Canchita Peruvian Cuisine
9A Dempsey Road
Singapore 247698

Moonbow Restaurant

TOP Dempsey Restaurants 2021 & Reviews, MoonBow

Moonbow Restaurant is a new restaurant in Dempsey HIll that opened in January 2021. It is helmed by famous Singapore chef, Heman Tan. The restaurant serves modern European cuisine with an Asian influence. If you find that the restaurant interior looks familiar, it is because it has taken over the premises formerly occupied by Greek restaurant, Blu Kouzina which is now in the unit next door. Read more.

TOP Dempsey Restaurants 2021 & Reviews, MoonBow

Block 10 Dempsey Road, #01-21
Singapore 247700

Baker & Cook and Plank Sourdough Pizza

TOP Dempsey Restaurants 2021 & Reviews, Baker & Cook

Sister restaurants Plank Sourdough Pizza and Baker & Cook Dempsey combine to create a unique dining space in the Core Collective Dempsey area at the Loewen Road cluster of the Dempsey Hill dining enclave. Read more.

Plank, Baker & Cook @ Core Collective Dempsey
30C Loewen Road
Singapore 248839

Tel: +65 6251 1108

Plank Facebook

The Frangipani Garden Bistro

The Frangipani Garden Bistro is a new Dempsey restaurant that opened at around the start of 2021. It is modern Indian restaurant with a large patio. It takes over the space previously occupied by the Green Door bar. There are frangipani trees dotted in and around the place, which may explain the name.

The Frangipani Garden Bistro
13A Dempsey Road
Singapore 247694

Dempsey Project

Jones the Grocer at Dempsey Hill has been transformed into a new restaurant in a grocery store named The Dempsey Project. It retains roughly the same structure as the former Jones the Grocer, but with some sprucing up. The space inside has shelves with colourful and appealing groceries and lots of green plants. There are communal tables and regular dining tables in the brightly lit dining hall. Read more at our post The Dempsey Project – Keeping up with Joneses

Chope Reservations

The Dempsey Project
9 Dempsey Road
Singapore 247697

Opening Hours:
Sun-Thu: 8 am – 9:30 pm
Fri-Sat: 8 am – 10:30 pm
Tel: +65 6476 1518


TOP Dempsey Restaurants 2021 & Reviews, Hathaway

Hathaway is one of the newer restaurants at Dempsey HIll. Opened in October 2020, it is a modern local restaurant that combines traditional Singapore cuisines with contemporary dishes. Dishes such as Pengat Pisang French Toast, Ah Nya’s Fish Curry and Wagyu Tenderloin served with cincalok chilli are on the menu. Read more.

TOP Dempsey Restaurants 2021 & Reviews, Hathaway
Chope Reservations
Online reservation for Hathaway

Hathaway Restaurant
13 Dempsey Road
Singapore (249674)
Mon-Sat: 9am-9pm
Closed Sunday

Hathaway Day Menu

Hathaway Night Menu

TUGA Singapore Portuguese Restaurant

TUGA Singapore is a Portuguese restaurant that hails from Taipei, Taiwan. It is a brand new restaurant that features Portuguese cuisine and wine. The decor is tastefully laid out. Dining at TUGA Singapore would be like dining in a wine cellar. It moved in at the early part of 2020 but dining in was affected by COVID19. Read about our lunch at TUGA in July 2020 during the Phase 2 re-opening here.

TOP Dempsey Restaurants 2021 & Reviews, Tuga
Tuga Dempsey

TUGA Portuguese Restaurant
Dempsey Hill, Block 8 #01-15

TUGA Singapore Facebook

SPRMRKT at Dempsey Hill

SPRMRKT Dempsey is the latest outlet of the smart, casual dining restaurant whose name does not have vowels. It is a name that we are familiar with having tried their past and current outlets at Robertson Quay and Cluny Court. Like TUGA, they were newcomers to Dempsey in 2020.

TOP Dempsey Restaurants 2021 & Reviews, SPRMRKT

SPRMRKT at Dempsey Hill
Blk 8 Dempsey Rd, #01-15A
Singapore 247696

Chope Reservations
Online reservation for SPRMRKT Dempsey


The Pantry

TOP List of Dempsey Restaurants 2020, 2021
The Pantry @ Dempsey
TOP List of Dempsey Restaurants 2020

The Pantry is a fresh restaurant at Dempsey that opened on 28 February 2020. It takes over the space which used to be occupied by Spanish restaurant La Ventana. We have yet to eat there but it looks like a nice friendly place to have a casual meal or to host a children’s party.

The Pantry
16A Dempsey Road, #01-01
Singapore 247695
Closed on Mondays
Tuesday – Thursday
9:00AM – 7:00PM (Last order 6:30PM)
Friday & Saturday
9:00AM – 9:30PM (Last order 9:00PM)
9:00AM – 7:00PM (Last order 6:30PM)

The Wine Company @ Block 8

Wine Company at Block 8 Dempsey

In November 2019, Wine Company Dempsey opened their new, bigger restaurant in Block 8. Their first outlet in Block 14D was one of the earliest restaurants to set up at Dempsey Hill. The same eclectic food menu is available at the new Wine Company Dempsey and so we had an Italian/Chinese/French/Japanese multicultural lunch with German wine. Read more.

The Wine Company 
Block 8, #01-14
Dempsey Road
Singapore 249688


Da Paolo Dempsey

TOP Dempsey Restaurants 2021 & Reviews, Da Paolo
TOP List of Dempsey Restaurants 2020 , 2021

Da Paolo Dempsey opened their latest and biggest restaurant at Dempsey in late 2019. It offers “a modern twist to traditional Italian cuisine with a live pasta making counter, Italian wood-fired oven for handstretched pizza …”. They are located in the space that Culina used to occupy. Read more.

Chope Reservations

Brunch Menu

Lunch Menu

Dinner Menu

8 Dempsey Road
Singapore (247696)

Sun-Thu: 8am -10:30pm
Fri-Sat: 8am-11pm

Culina Bistro at COMO Dempsey

TOP List of Dempsey Restaurants 2019

Popular bistro and fine foods store Culina Dempsey has closed their original store at Dempsey Block 8 and reopened at Dempsey Block 15 in April 2019. It is now linked together with other outlets as a COMO Dempsey cluster of food and retail outlets. The new Culina Bistro (version 2019) is certainly bigger and newer. But is it better than the original one at Block 8? Read more.

Culina Bistro at COMO Dempsey
Blk 15 Dempsey Road Singapore 249675

Tel: +65 6474 7338

Daily: 11am – 11pm (Last order: 10pm)

Weekday: 10am – 10pm
Weekend & PH: 9am – 10pm


Siri House – a posh Dempsey restaurant

TOP List of Dempsey Restaurants 2019

Siri House is a posh restaurant and bar that is on the ground floor of Block 8D at Dempsey. According to its website, “SIRI HOUSE is a lifestyle, social and dining space bringing together people, art, design, food, and retail …”. Read more.

Chope Reservations

Siri House
Block 8D, #01-02
Dempsey Hill, Dempsey Road
Singapore 249672, 

Tel: +65 9667 0533

Tue-Thu: 11:30am-2:30pm, 6-10pm
Fri-Sat: 11:30am-2:30pm, 6-11pm
Sun: 11:30am-4pm
Mon: Closed

Chang Korean BBQ

TOP Dempsey Restaurants 2021 & Reviews, Chang
TOP List of Dempsey Restaurants 2020

Chang Korean BBQ is a Korean restaurant at Loewen by Dempsey Hill. Read about our lunch at Chang here.

Chope Reservations

71 Loewen Road #01-01 
Singapore 248847

Tel: +65 6473-9005  

Opening Hours: 12-3pm (Last Order: 2:30pm); 6-10pm (Last Order: 9:30pm)


TOP Dempsey Restaurants 2021 & Reviews, Atout
TOP List of Dempsey Restaurants 2020
40-Garlic French Chicken

Atout is a new French restaurant that has taken over the space from Au Petit Salut in early 2018. Read about our lunch at Atout here. The 40 garlic French chicken was the highlight of our meal.

Atout Restaurant
40C Harding Road
Singapore 249548

Opening Hours:
Monday – Sunday: 12pm-9.30pm (Last Order)


TOP List of Dempsey Restaurants 2020
Morsels Restaurant at Dempsey

Morsels moved from their former location in Mayo Street (Little India) to Dempsey in early 2017. It is a small barnyard styled restaurant that is located in a quiet pocket of Dempsey Hill.  We think that it is the most charming restaurant at Dempsey. The dishes there can be described in two words – delicious and small.  Read our review here.

Chope Reservations
Morsels Online Delivery

25 Dempsey Road, #01-04
Singapore 249670

Tue-Thu: 12-3pm, 6-10pm
Fri-Sat: 12-3pm, 6-10:30pm
Sun: 11am-3pm
Closed Monday

Tel: +65 6266 3822

COMO Dempsey

TOP List of Dempsey Restaurants 2020 , 2021
Como Dempsey

The end of 2016 saw the opening of the new COMO Dempsey cluster of retail and restaurants. They occupy Blocks 17 and 18 at Dempsey Road. The four new restaurants are: Candlenut, Ippoh Tempura, Dempsey Cookhouse and Como Cuisine. Culina moved into a neighbouring block in 2019.


Candlenut Dempsey Restaurant

Candlenut Dempsey is a refined Peranakan restaurant. They have been awarded a one Michelin Star in the Singapore Michelin Guide. It is said that they are the only Peranakan restaurant in the world with the coveted star.  Read more.

Chope Reservations

Block 17A Dempsey Road,
Singapore 249676

Opening Hours:
Mon-Sun: 12-2:30pm, 6-9:30pm

Ippoh Tempura Bar

Ippoh Tempura Dempsey Restaurant

Ippoh Tempura Bar is a small Japanese restaurant at the new Como Dempsey lifestyle cluster. Ippoh is said to be Osaka’s oldest premium tempura restaurant. The Dempsey restaurant in Singapore is their first outlet in South-East Asia (read more).

Chope Reservations

Ippoh Tempura Bar
Block 17B Dempsey Road,
Singapore 249676

Mon-Thu & PH: 12pm-2pm, 6pm-9pm
Fri-Sat & PH Eve: 6pm-10pm
Sun: 12-2pm

Dempsey Cookhouse & Bar

Dempsey Cookhouse & Bar
Dempsey Cookhouse & Bar

In early March 2017, DEMPSEY Cookhouse and Bar by Jean-Georges Vongerichten started operations.   Prior to that, the only place we could try the creations of celebrity chef was the Paddock Club during the Singapore Formula One GP races. His restaurant was usually the best of the many F&B offerings at the F1 weekend.

The DEMPSEY Cookhouse and Bar is a beautiful place that looks like a big air-conditioned patio.  Our favourite dish there is the black truffle pizza. Read about our brunch here.

Chope Reservations

Dempsey Cookhouse and Bar 
18 Dempsey Road
Singapore 249676

Mon-Thu: 12-2pm, 6-9pm
Fri: 12-2pm, 6-9:30pm
Sat: 11:30am-3pm, 6-9:30pm
Sun: 11:30am-3pm, 6-9pm

Como Cuisine

Como Cuisine

Como Cuisine was the last of the four new restaurants to open at the Como cluster. Together with hip clothing store Dover Street Market, these two openings finally completed the lifestyle and dining concept of Club 21 at Dempsey Hill.  Como Cuisine is a modern contemporary restaurant.  Read about our lunch and see some pictures of the Dover Street Market next door here.

Chope Reservations

Como Cuisine
Block 18A Dempsey Road
Singapore 249677

Mon-Fri: 9-11:30am, 12-2:30pm, 6-9pm
Sat-Sun: 8am-3:30pm

Blu Kouzina

Many fans of popular Greek restaurant Blu Kouzina were happy to hear that they had moved from Bukit Timah Road to Dempsey Hill on 13 April 2016.  At Dempsey, parking is no longer a challenge and their wonderful moussaka will be more accessible to those who do not live in Bukit Timah. Read Greek Restaurant Blu Kouzina, now at Dempsey.

Chope Reservations

Blu Kouzina 
10 Dempsey Road (Blk 10)
Singapore 247700
Lunch Service
Monday to Sunday
11:30pm – 3:30pm (last order for F&B 2:45pm)

Dinner Service (COVID Period)
Monday to Sunday
5:30pm – 10:00pm (last order for FnB 9:30pm)

Only 2 seatings are available during dinner seating.
1st seating: 5.30pm/ 6.00pm (2 hours dining)
2nd seating: 8.00pm/ 8.30pm (2 hours dining)

Sanitization of restaurant dining area 3.45pm to 4.45pm

Blu Kouzina (Delivery)

Open Farm Community

Dempsey restaurants
Romantic restaurant for Valentine's day
Open Farm dempsey food -21

Open Farm Community is a contemporary restaurant that opened in 2015, with an emphasis on freshness of ingredients. Read Open Farm Community – the new restaurant at Dempsey.  It used to have a large compound, but in 2018, part of it was carved out to be used as the space for Tiong Bahru Bakery Safari.

Chope Reservations

Open Farm Community
130E Minden Road
Singapore 248819

Tel: +656474 5964

Opening Hours:
Mon-Fri: 12-4pm (Last Order: 2:30pm), 6-10:30pm (Last Order: 9pm)
Sat & Sun: 11am-5pm (Last Order: 3:30pm), 6-10:30pm (Last Order: 9pm)

Tiong Bahru Bakery Safari

Dempsey restaurants

Tiong Bahru Bakery Safari is located right next to the Open Farm Community and sits on the compound that used to be part of OFC.  The dining area is a tent without air-con, so light clothing is recommended.

Tiong Bahru Bakery Safari
130E Minden Road, Singapore 248819
Tel: +65 6877 4876
Opening Hours: 8am – 6pm 


Jumbo Seafood

Jumbo Seafood Restaurant
Jumbo Seafood - Black Pepper Crabs

Jumbo Seafood Restaurant at Dempsey has a casual rustic atmosphere. A popular place in the evenings, locals and tourists alike flock here for seafood dishes such as the famous Singapore Chilli Crab.  Read more: Jumbo Seafood Restaurant at Dempsey Hill.

Chope Reservations

Jumbo Seafood Restaurant at Dempsey Hill
Block 11 Dempsey Road #01-16
Dempsey Hill
Singapore 249673

Tel : +65 6479-3435

Opening Hours:
Mon-Sun: 11:30am-2:30pm (Last Order: 2pm), 5:30-10pm (Last Order: 9:15pm)

Long Beach Seafood

Long Beach Seafood Dempsey
Long Beach pepper Crabs

Long Beach Seafood has the largest signboard at Dempsey. You can spot it from a distance while driving along Napier Road. It claims to be Singapore’s leading seafood restaurant and also the creator of “the Original and Best Black Pepper Crab in Singapore”. They started in 1946 with a restaurant in Bedok. We can only say that the black pepper crab was indeed very good.  Read more.

Long Beach Seafood

25 Dempsey Road
Left turn to Dempsey
via Holland Rd
(before Peirce Rd)
Singapore 249670

Mon – Thurs: 11.30am – 11pm
Fri: 11.30am – 11.30pm
Sat: 11am – 11.30pm
Sun: 11am – 11pm
Tel: 6323 2222

Chopsuey Cafe

Chop Suey Dempsey Restaurant A - 5
Chop Suey Dempsey Restaurant - 9

It is best to describe the cuisine served at Chopsuey Cafe by quoting from their own description. They serve “… an array of Chinese comfort favourites and new interpretations of traditional foods influenced by the Anglo-Chinese experience in the UK, US and Australia”.  Read Chopsuey Cafe Dempsey by PS Cafe – new interpretations of Chinese and Local food.

Chope Reservations

Chopsuey Cafe
Block 10, Dempsey Road
Singapore 247700

Opening Hours:
Mon-Thu: 11:30am-10pm (Last Order: 9pm)
Friday: 11:30am-10:30pm (Last Order: 9:30pm)
Saturday: 11am-10:30pm (Last Order: 9:30pm)
Sunday: 11am-10pm (Last Order: 9pm)

Jim Thompson Thai Restaurant

Jim Thompson Thai Restaurant is one of the oldest restaurants at the Dempsey cluster.  It is the first restaurant that comes into view if you are approaching from Minden Road (from Orchard Road).   It serves classic Thai cuisine on the spacious premises.

Chope Reservations

45 Minden Road
Singapore (248817

Hours: Mon-Sun: 12-3pm (Last Order: 2:15pm), 6-10pm (Last Order: 8:30pm)

Samy’s Curry 

Samy's Curry Indian Restaurant Food

Samy’s Curry Indian Restaurant at Dempsey is one of the most well-known restaurants in Singapore. Founded by Mr M Veerasamy as a roadside stall in Tank Road, it is now a 300 seat restaurant which is almost always packed. It is the place to go for good affordable Indian food.  Read about our lunch at Samy’s here.

Samy’s Curry Restaurant
25 Dempsey Road
Singapore 247691

Tel: +65 6472 2080

Opening Hours:
Lunch: 11 am – 3 pm
Dinner: 6 pm – 10 pm
Closed: Tue


RedDot BrewHouse

Located next to Samy’s Curry is RedDot Brewhouse @ Dempsey. It is a large restaurant with both indoor and al fresco seating, with the latter said to resemble a charming Bavarian beer garden. Fresh beer from RedDot Brewhouse, Singapore’s first locally owned, independent commercial microbrewery, is served here.

Shown here are pictures of RedDot Brewery @ Dempsey with 2021 CNY decorations and a sample page from the menu. Links to full menus are set out below.

RedDot BrewHouse @ Dempsey Hill
25A Dempsey Road
Singapore (247691)

Chope Reservations

Mon-Sat: 12pm-10:30pm
Sun: 11:30am-10pm

Beer Menu

Food Menu

Weekend Brunch


margaritas dempsey mexican - 12
margaritas singapore - 3
margaritas dempsey mexican - 8

Margarita’s is our favourite Mexican Restaurant in Singapore. It is a dimly lit place that feels warm and cosy.  The must try dish here is the chicken fajitas. Read Margarita’s Restaurant, Mexican food in Dempsey, Singapore.

Chope Reservations

Margarita’s Restaurant
11 Dempsey Road #01-19
Singapore 249673

Mon-Sun: 11:30am-11pm

PS.Cafe – trendy Dempsey restaurant

PS. Cafe @ Harding Road
PS. Cafe @ Harding Road

PS.Cafe is the definition of a hip cafe. We became trendy just by being there. Read PS.Cafe @ Harding Road

Chope Reservations

PS.Cafe at Harding Road
28 Harding Road, Dempsey Hill
Singapore 249549.

Tel: +65 9070 8782

Opening Hours:
Sun-Thu: 8am-10pm (Last Order: 9pm)
Fri-Sat: 8am-10:30pm (Last Order: 9:45pm)

Huber’s Bistro

Huber Bistro Singapore - 1
Huber Bistro Singapore - 13

Huber’s Bistro takes up a small part of the large complex that makes up Huber’s Butchery & Bistro. This simple and casual eatery is a convenient place to get a quick meal with a pint from its long list of beers. Read Huber’s Bistro – new location at 22 Dempsey Road.

Huber’s Butchery & Bistro
22 Dempsey Road
Singapore 249679.

Tel: +65 6737 1588

Bistro opening hours:
Mon Closed
Tues to Fri 11.00 a.m. to 10.00 p.m.
Sat, Sun & public holidays 9.30 a.m. to 10.00 p.m. (L.O 9.30pm)
Tel: 6737 1488

La Forketta Dempsey Italian Restaurant

La Forketta is an Italian restaurant serving authentic home-style Italian cuisine specializing in pasta dishes made only with home-made fresh pasta.

La Forketta
9 Dempsey Road, #01-09
Singapore (247697)

Opening Hours

Lunch: 12 PM – 3 PM (Last Order: 2.30 PM)
Dinner: 6 PM – 10 PM (Last Order: 9.30 PM)
Lunch: 11.30 AM – 4.30 PM (Last Order: 4 PM)
Dinner: 6 PM – 10 PM (Last Order: 9.30 PM)

Rakuichi Japanese Restaurant

Chope Reservations

Rakuichi Japanese Restaurant
10 Dempsey Road #01-22
Singapore 247700
Tel: +65 6474 2143

Open: Mon-Sun: 11:30am-2:30pm, 6-10pm

Red Sparrow Vietnamese Dempsey Restaurant

Vietamese restaurant, Red Sparrow features Vietnamese classics like fresh pho noodles, Vietnamese spring rolls and pancakes on its menu.

11 Dempsey Road #01-18
Singapore 249673


We hope you will find our TOP list of Dempsey restaurants useful. Happy Eating!

Pond with giant fishes at Dempsey HIll

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