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実柚 – みゆ – MIYU Japanese Omakase Restaurant in Duxton

MIYU is a fine Japanese Omakase Restaurant in Duxton with an unmistakably Singaporean executive chef. Expect reasonably priced quality food with set lunch starting at $18 and lunch omakase from $88.

MIYU Japanese Omakase Restaurant

実柚 – みゆ – MIYU in Duxton

実柚 - みゆ - MIYU at Amoy Street

The Japanese restaurant at Duxton Road has a simple under-stated exterior. The interior looks like typical small Japanese restaurant – with seats at the counter and a small private room.

実柚 - みゆ - MIYU Japanese Omakase Restaurant
Miyu – Private Room with partition drawn back

Ng Kam Kwan 黄锦冠, who is referred to as Chef Kwan, is the Executive Chef Owner of 実柚 ~みゆ ~ Miyu. He has decades of experience including stints in acclaimed Japanese restaurants such as Tsujiki Sushidai, Hide Yamamoto and Kacyo. Take a seat at the counter and you will get to see, and hear, the chatty Chef Kwan at work.

MIYU Japanese Omakase Restaurant
Miyu – Main dining counter

Miyu Menu

The menu of MIYU Japanese Restaurant changes with the season – as the chef uses the freshest ingredients available. In the evenings, Miyu only has the Dinner Omakase Menu, with current prices ranging from $138 to $198 per person. There is also a Open Omakase Menu ($220 to $250 per person) available upon special request.

During lunchtime, there is a small a la carte menu. Attractively priced lunch sets and lunch omakase are also available. Below are pictures of the current lunch menu.

Lunch Omakase Menu of MIYU Japanese Omakase Restaurant

Lunch Omakase at MIYU Japanese Restaurant

We had the 花 ~ Hana omakase ($88) at Miyu in Duxton recently.


The lunch got off to a very good start with the seaweed appetizer. The cold tart seaweed really set the taste buds tingling. Next was Shirako, the milt of male cod. The unusual Japanese delicacy would fall into the acquired taste category.

The scallop chawanmushi at Miyu was one of the most enjoyable chawanmushi we had tatsed in Singapore. The savoury egg custard had a slight natural sweetness and the texture was just perfect. It was classic Japanese – an uncomplicated dish that looked good and tasted good.


The next phase of the lunch was 10 pieces of sushi. The selection made by Chef Kwan included yellow tail, tuna, squip, prawns and umi sushi.


The sushi looked smaller than sushi you would commonly find in mass market restaurants in Singapore. At Miyu, the rice portion was small and almost completely enveloped by the neta, or topping of fish or seafood. The rice was sticky enough that it won’t fall apart as you pick up the sushi but you would feel the individual grains of rice when you put the sushi in your mouth.

No wasabi or sauce sauce for dipping was given and was not needed. Each piece of sushi was meant to be eaten as served. Salt was the only seasoning added by the chef to a few pieces of the sushi.

The quality cuts of fish looked firm and shiny. The different textures and flavours of the various fish really made each piece of sushi a unique bite-sized treat.

Rice Bowl & More

ikura rice bowl

The ikura rice bowl was like more sushi with a generous amount of salmon roe. The chef’s signature roll, soup and tamago were the next items served.

The tamago looked like a piece of pound cake and we thought that was dessert. The egg had a light texture and was sweetish.

MIYU Japanese Restaurant - tamago

To end the omakase lunch, taro ice cream was served as dessert.

MIYU Japanese Restaurant  - dessert

Delightful Lunch Omakase

We enjoyed our lunch at MIYU Japanese Restaurant in Duxton. The staff were friendly, courteous and helpful. The food was of good quality. The Hana omakase was delightful – with a variety of flavours and textures that brought much pleasure to the palate.

Miyu is a cosy restaurant that is suitable for a good meal with friends or colleagues. It may also be very suitable for introverts on a date. There should not be any dull moment in Miyu. The food will serve as conversation starters and will also excite the taste buds. Chef Kwan is free with his banter and will tell you about the food he is serving to you, his experience and just about anything else. There will not be any long stretch of awkward silence if you are on a date in MIYU Japanese Restaurant.

MIYU Japanese Restaurant

Food: 4
Service: 4
Value: 4
Atmosphere: 4
Overall Rating: 4 TOPs  4 tops


実柚 ~ みゆ ~ MIYU
74 Duxton Road
Singapore 089533

Chope Reservations

Tel: +65 8208 3168 | +65 9839 5232

Opening Hours
Mon – Sat: 12:00 noon – 2.30 p.m.; 6.30 p.m – 10.30 p.m.
(Last Order: 9.00 p.m.)
Sun: Closed

Nearby MRT Station: Tanjong Pagar


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