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The Neptune – new cafe at East Coast

The Neptune is a new cafe in Katong located at the junction of East Coast Road and Lorong Stangee. It opened without much fanfare in early March 2021. It does not even have its own website (yet) but judging by the queue at its doors, The Neptune already has a big fan base.


New Neptune Cafe

Those in the age groups already eligible for the Singapore Covid Vaccination Programme will remember The Neptune Theatre Restaurant in Collyer Quay. The Neptune that was in business from the 1970s to 2006 was famous for hosting topless revues and large-scale dinners. Residents of East Coast who remember The Neptune Theatre should also remember Carlton Chicken Rice Restaurant along East Road. The premises of the popular chicken rice restaurant was taken over by Firebake Woodfired Bakehouse & Restaurant which closed sometime last year. The place is now occupied by The Neptune, a hip cafe.

Neptune SG

The new cafe occupies a compact space. There is an al fresco dining area, which will give you a curbside dining experience.

The interior is attractively decorated with a soothing light green and white palette. The mosaic tiles, light wood furniture and large glass windows help create a charming cafe space.

The Neptune Menu

The Neptune has separate menus for the day and the evening. It offers classic cafe fare as well as Japanese inspired dishes such as scone with yuzu jam and seafood somen.

Below are pictures of the menu of mornings & afternoons and the dinner menu.

Neptune Menu for Brunch & Lunch
Neptune Menu for Brunch & Lunch
Neptune Dinner Menu
Neptune Dinner Menu

Coffee Break at The Neptune

We visited the The Neptune on a recent weekday for a coffee break which we did not really need. We had passed by the new cafe a number of times and it was always crowded. It seemed that its connection to Atlas Coffeehouse and Columbus Coffee Company gave it sufficient street cred to ensure that people would queue patiently to get a seat in The Neptune. So when we saw that there were empty tables there one mid-morning, we thought we would grab the opportunity the visit the new cafe in Katong, even though we really did not need to eat at that time.

Our first impression was good. The staff were friendly and welcoming staff and there was a bottle of water on the table. Orders and payments would be made at the counter. We were pleasantly surprised that no GST or service charge would be added to the bill.

Key Lime Pie

The green theme of the cafe must have inspired us to order the Key Lime Pie ($7.40) and Iced Matcha Latte ($7.50). We also ordered a Latte ($5.40) and the French Toast Standard ($19.80).

The Key Lime Pie was very nice. The crushed biscuit base was crunchy and crumbly The topping was smooth and creamy. It was a delicious combination of tart and sweet.

Matcha & Coffee

The iced matcha latte was refreshing. It had a rich earthy taste with lingering sweetness. The colour matched the key lime pie and it also combined well with the pie, taste wise.

The coffee was smooth and creamy, with just a slight hint of bitterness and no acidic aftertaste. It was good coffee – good enough to dissipate any feelings of guilt for having an unnecessary coffee break.

French Toast

The Standard French Toast was really just plain old French toast – no issue of product misdescription. It was sliced bread soaked in beaten eggs and fried and topped with lots of strawberries. We thought it was quite an expensive dish but it was delicious. The bread was thick and really soft and spongy. The texture was like that of bread pudding. Those who love strawberries should love The Neptune’s French Toast; those who are not big fan of the bright red color, juicy fruit might find the strawberries a bit overwhelming.

Charming Cafe

The cafe scene in Katong is vibrant and the new Neptune will certainly add to the buzz. It seems to be popular with all age groups – from teenagers to middle aged executives; from grandads to young mothers. We like the cafe for its nice interior, friendly service and good coffee. The food we tried were more than decent. The Neptune is a charming cafe in East Coast where we would be happy to go to for a good cup of coffee and reminisce about The Neptune Theatre of the topless revue fame or feel the wonder and excitement of young families eating together and playing with their topless babies.

Food: 4
Service: 4
Value: 3
Atmosphere: 3
Overall Rating: 4 TOPs  4 tops

Menu | Online Order

237 East Coast Road, Singapore 428930

Tel: +65 69707305

Opening Hours:
Tue – Sat: 9 am – 9 pm
Sun: 8 am – 7 pm
Closed on Monday

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