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Love Confectionery : Old School Cakes at Alexandra Village, Singapore

Love Confectionery 愛的西菓店 is an old-fashioned bakery selling old school cakes, pasteries and biscuits in Alexandra Village, Singapore. With a shopfront and signboard as charming and ‘orbit’ as their cakes, Love Confectionery is a store that we could not resist checking out.

Love Confectionery Alexandra Village,Singapore old school

The name of the store, the fonts used in the signboard of Love Confectionery and the Chinese name 愛的西菓店were the first things that caught our eye. Next were the details – mosaic flooring, the basic glass display and of course the cakes. The word ‘orbit’ (in a good way) comes to mind. It is a word that I not heard or used since the 70s. I think it was derived from “off beat” and meant out of fashion. Like all things old, retro things are now in fashion again and these old school cakes are now appealing again.

Love Confectionery Alexandra Village,Singapore 愛的西菓店 - old school cakes

Love Confectionery Old School Cakes

There are more than just cakes on sale at Love Cofectionery. Biscuits. buns and cream puffs are also on sale although it seems some things were not available at the time we were there.

Love Confectionery Alexandra Village,Singapore- old school cakes

But the most beautiful and nostalgic cakes are these with the multi-coloured sprinkles and chocolate bits. The plainer ones are evergreen flavours such as pandan cake and custard puffs. In the old days these were the types of cakes that were available -essentially sponge cakes with creamy and sugary toppings. A box of ten would be a present for a special occasion like a baby’s full month celebration.

Love Confectionery Alexandra Village,Singapore - old school cakes

Thankfully we already had lunch at the Alexandra Village food centre, and so it was not so easy to tempt us with more food. But we still had to buy a few to try – this was our humble purchase of traditional cakes from Love Confectionery – pandan cake ($1), custard puff ($0.50) and chocolate sprinkles cake ($1.50).


The cake was the most attractive of the lot. Compared to the posh cakes that are available these days from the likes of Awfully Chocolate, Chalk Farm and Baker’s Brew, it did not have the depth or sophistication of flavours. But it still remains a slice of nice cake at an affordable price. We would certainly buy this again. We felt that the pandan cake was the weakest one of the three. It was quite plain in taste and the texture was not very light. The best buy was the custard puff. The taste was good and at 50 cents it is good value for money.


Love Confectionery 愛的西果店
122 Bukit Merah Lane 1 #01-60
Singapore 150122
Tel: +65 6278 2385
Daily: 12pm – 9pm
Nearest Station: Queenstown


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