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Sen-ryo Singapore: New Japanese Restaurant at Ion Orchard

Sen-ryo Singapore is a new Japanese restaurant that recently opened on level 3 of the Ion Orchard shopping mall. The first Sen-ryo (千両) Singapore outlet has a unique decor which was what first caught our attention. It is a sushi restaurant whose menu ranges from affordable sushi platters to expensive premium cuts of raw fish.

Sen-ryo Singapore Ion Orchard

The new Sen-ryo Singapore Japanese restaurant is located at a quiet corner of Ion level 3, almost directly below the Lego store. It has a mini Japanese rock garden at the entrance. With just the words Sen-ryo 千両 on the wall, we could guess that it is a Japanese restaurant. We found out subsequently that it is a sushi restaurant originating from Japan. It had been introduced successfully to Hong Kong where it has several locations.

Sen-ryo Singapore Ion Orchard

We are glad to see a new Japanese restaurant restaurant on the hgher levels of Ion as levels 3 and 4 are dominated by Chinese restaurants and western cafes. Sen-ryo provides a nice change of environment. The part immediately after the entrance to the restaurant is a dimly lit bar (picture above). A sushi counter is situated opposite the bar. This is the best place to sit if you plan to have sushi as the main focus of your meal.

Sen-ryo Singapore Ion Orchard Review

Further inside is the main dining area of Sen-ryo that looks like a cave. It is quite an avant garde decor for a Japanese restaurant. It is nice to have sofa seating but firmer cushions for the sofa may be better.

Sen-ryo Singapore Ion Orchard Review

Sen-ryo Singapore Menu

Sushi items feature prominently in the Sen-ryo Singapore Menu. Here a pictures of some sample pages from the menu. The sushi items range from afforable items to more pricey premium items like otoro or premium otoro. For those who are not too fond of raw fish, there is a fair selection of cooked food items as well. We have a link to the Sen-ryo Singapore online menu at the end of this post.

Sen-ryo Sushi

One of us was not in perfect health that day and so we held back from eating too much raw food. But being at a sushi restaurant, we had to try some Sen-ryo sushi. We decided on a mix of hamachi, otoro and premium otoro. The hamachi and premium otoro (the two pieces in the back) were both good with clean, fresh flavours but we would have liked them more if the texture was firmer. The regular otoro had fibrous tissue which distracted us from its taste.

Sen-ryo Singapore Ion Orchard Review

Cooked Food

Most of our meal at the new Sen-ryo Singapore restaurant was cooked food – grilled items and tempura.

Sen-ryo Singapore Ion Orchard Review

We tried the skewer platter ($20.80, picture above) and the grilled chicken thigh in charcoal style sauce ($7.80, picture below). The skewers – chicken wing, beef tongue, scallops, mushroom and ladies’ finger were dry and salty. The grilled chicken was better as the meat was moist and the seasoning was more moderate.

Sen-ryo Singapore Ion Orchard Review

Grilled halibut with miso ($18, picture below) was our final grilled item. We thought that its texture was a tad soft .

Sen-ryo Singapore Ion Orchard Review

Tempura prawns ($6.80) and hot inaniwa udon ($7.80) completed our dinner at the new Sen-ryo Japanese restaurant at Ion Orchard. The tempura was ordinary but reasonable considering the price. Like quite a few dishes that day, the udon soup was too salty for our liking. The texture of the noodles was good. I think we should just focus on the sushi items on a future visit.

Sen-ryo Singapore Ion Orchard Review

Food: 3
Service: 4
Value: 3
Atmosphere: 3
Overall Rating: 3 TOPs 3 Tops

Sen-ryo Singapore
#03-14 Ion Orchard, 2 Orchard Turn
Singapore 238801

Tel: +65 6974-6782

Opening Hours: 11.30 am to 10.30 pm


Nearby MRT Station : Orchard

Sen-Ryo Singapore Facebook

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A human life gains lustre and strength only when it is polished and tempered. – Mas Oyama

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