Ice Ke Lim and Lim Bo Rojak in Joo Chiat

Hidden in a coffee shop in Joo Chiat Place are two interesting stalls with punny names selling “tok kong” ice cream and Penang rojak. Ice Ke Lim sells specialty Asian gelato with flavours such as Milo Kopi and Pisang Pisang. Lim Bo 林伯 Fresh Fruits Rojak sells Uncle Lim’s Rojak from Damansara Jaya, KL.

64 Joo Chiat Place, Dingapore 427786

June 2021 Update:
Ice Ke Lim now operates as a pop-up stall in PLQ; and Lim Bo occupies the space previously occupied by Ice Ke Lim.

64 Joo Chiat Place

64 Joo Chiat Place, Dingapore 427786

The coffeeshop at 64 Joo Chiat Place is a small nondescript kopitiam. There is no real sitting area within the shophouse itself. All the tables are in the outdoor areas in the front, side and rear of the coffeeshop. It has been a popular eatery in Joo Chiat Place because the famous Ah Lim Jalan Tua Kong Mee Pok stall is there.

Ah Lim Jln Tua Kong Mee Pok (Joo Chiat)
Ah Lim Jln Tua Kong Mee Pok (Joo Chiat Place)

64 Joo Chiat Place has become even more popular now that it has become a LIM Village of sort. Joining Ah LIM are Ice Ke LIM and LIM Bo Fresh Fruits Rojak.

Lim Bo 林伯 Fresh Fruits Rojak

Lim Bo is the brainchild of a married couple, one half of the couple a senior staff nurse, the other a portfolio manager cum lifestyle photographer. They got the rojak recipe from the Uncle Lim who has been operating the Famous Rojak Stall in Damansara Jaya, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia for the past 40 years. Lim Bo’s twist to the traditional rojak is the option of adding ngor hiang crispy fried prawn fritters and fried fish skin to the mix.

We ordered a plate of Lim Bo rojak ($5). It was rather neatly plated on a yellow enamel plate. The portion size was reasonably generous.

The fruit salad had a mix of flavours and textures – sweet, salty, tangy, soft and crunchy – a real rojak. The sauce was tasty but did not overpower. We thought it was less sweet and had more zest compared to the usual local rojak. Lim Bo’s rojak was a harmonious balance of fresh ingredients and rojak sauce. It was refreshing and delectable.

We enjoyed the Lim Bo’s rojak so much we bought a packet to take home. The cut vegetables and fruits were packed separately from the you tiao and the rojak sauce.

We are happy to have discovered Lim Bo 林伯 Fresh Fruits Rojak. Now we don’t have to go to Penang or KL to enjoy authentic tasting traditional Penang-style rojak.

Lim Bo Facebook

Opening Hours:
Tue & Sun: 11 am – 3 pm
Wed-Sat: 11 am – 8 pm
Closed on Mons
(but check their Facebook Page for updates and impromptu changes)

Ice Ke Lim

Ice Ke Lim

Ice Ke Lim is a quaint little stall in a kopitiam selling gelato you usually find in chic ice cream parlours or hip cafes. Its pale blue signboard and ice cream freezer display cabinet don’t look like they belong in the unpolished environment of the old school coffeeshop.

They make their gelato in small batches without artificial flavouring or colouring. There is a selection of Asian flavours including Bak Kwa, Coconut Mango, Chendol and Thai Milk Tea. The flavours offered will change from time to time.

The “Tok Kong” (premium) flavours will cost $5 for single scoop and the “Wah Lau” flavours will be $3.90 for a single scoop. You can have the gelato with a cone (add $1) or sandwiched between handmade mantous, like ice cream between bread from the push cart ice cream man.

We tried their Tok Kong Black Sesame ($5) and the Lychee Sorbet with Friend Mantou ($5.50).

The Black Sesame gelato looked very rich and inviting. It had a lovely mellow flavour – not too sweet, nutty with a pleasant bitterness. Very enjoyable.

Lychee Ice Ceam with Fried Mantou

The lychee sorbet had the distinct taste and scent of fresh lychee. It was sweet with a bit of sharpness and very refreshing. Eating it with the soft fried mantou was delightful.

Ice Ke Lim Fried Mantou Ice Cream

Currently, Ice Ke Lim has a pop up stall in Komma on the ground floor of PLQ Mall. However, the pop up stall does not have mantous to go with the ice cream.

Ice Ke Lim Pop Up at Komma Social Cafe

Ice Ke Lim Facebook | Website

Opening Hours: (but check their Facebook Page for updates and impromptu changes)
Mon & Tues: 6 pm to 10.30 pm
Wed – Sat: 12 noon to 10.30 pm
Sun: 1 pm to 10.30 pm

Sumptuous Meal @ 64

Someone may spruce up the place, give it a fancy name, like maybe 6Quattro, and market it as a quirky al fresco dining destination. There you may quite willingly pay a three-digit sum for a four course set meal of Fettuccine funghi e carne macinata, Macedonia di Frutta, Sorbet litchi and Americano.

Fortunately for ordinary patrons like us, the unrenovated 64 Joo Chiat Place is a place where we can enjoy delectable Ah Lim mee pok with refreshing and delicious Lim Bo fresh fruits rojak, indulge in Ice Ke Lim’s delightful ice cream and lim kopi – all for less than $20. We will be visiting all the lims at 64 Joo Chiat Place more often.

64 Joo Chiat Place, Singapore 427786

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The salt of any interesting civilization is mixture. – Antonio Tabucchi

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