Affordable Japanese Food Takeaway from Takashimaya Food Hall (B2)

Our da bao of the day (DBOTD) is a selection of affordable Japanese food takeaway from the Takashimaya food hall (level B2). It was a break from the usual hawker fare / tze char that we had been having.

Japanese Food Takeaway from Takashimaya

Information on Takashimaya COVID (phase 2) procedures

Visiting Takashimaya during the Singapore Phase 2 (Heightened Alert) was an experience for us as we had not been to the Orchard Road mall in a while. As at the time of writing, the Takashimaya department store opening hours are 11am to 8pm. Those entering by car had their trace together scanning and temperature done at the entrance to the carpark. It caused a slight traffic build-up at the Taka drive way, but everything was a breeze once we passed the gantry. The mall was mostly quiet. The busiest place was in B2 (picture above) where people were da baoing food like us, but crowd density was still quite low.

Japanese Food Takeaway Lunch From Takashimaya :

We can see why level B2 is a popular place for takeaway food during the current ban on dining in. The range of food is very wide. There is a food court where local food like chicken rice and chai png is available. Deeper inside the food hall are kiosks which serve Japanese, Italian and Vietnamese cusine. We bought food from three outlets in the Taka B2 food hall: bento lunches from Kimukatsu and Yonehachi and some red bean dessert from Mr Obanyaki. Here is a picture of our Japanese takeaway lunch.

Japanese Food Takeaway from Takashimaya

Kimukatsu: Mille Feuille Katsu

Japanese Food Takeaway from Takashimaya

According to a sign on the wall, Kimukatsu is the first in the world to create mille-feuille katsu and the only restaurant that offers it in multiple flavours. Chicken or pork katsu are served in very thin slices (said to be 25 layers, but we did not count them}. This mille-feuille style is available in flavours such as cheese, yuzu, garlic and black pepper.

Here are pictures of the Kimukatsu menu at Takashimaya. We selected te Kimukatsu bento ($14.90). For the meat, we could choose from the same katsu options that are available in the set menu. We chose the pork in “original” flavour.