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Oddle Korean Food Delivery from SBCD Korean Tofu House

Korean food delivery for lunch inevitably comes to mind after watching many episodes of Vincenzo. Which Korean food takeaway? For us it was easy as we are not familiar with many Korean eateries in Singapore. SBCD Tofu House is one that we like. The Oddle Korean food delivery service from SBCD was smooth and our soontofu and pancake arrived nice and warm.

Oddle Korean Food Delivery from SBCD Korean Tofu House

There are currenttly two SBCD Korean restaurant outlets in Singapore at Millenia Walk and Tanjong Pagar Centre. You can read about our visit to the latter here. A third outlet is on the way, the SBCD Alexandra Retail Centre is said to be opening in June 2021. SBCD’s speciality is a type of Korean soft tofu soup – made with “soontofu”. It is soft tofu made fresh everyday. At the restaurant, the soup is served boiling hot in stone pots, so we were wondering how it would fare as a takeaway food item.

SBCD Oddle Korean Food Delivery Menu

Dining in at SBCD is not available for now, but takeaway and delivery is available. On the SBCD Oddle Korean Food Delivery platforn, a $6 delivery charge is payable. We selected two types of soontofu – Original Beef and Assorted ($21.90 each) together with a Korean seafood pancake ($19.90). Each soontofu dish comes with rice and three side dishes.

Our Korean Food Lunch at Home

As you can see from the picture at the top of this post, the SBCD food arrived in good condition. We were impressed with the punctuality of the delivery. It arrived almost exactly at the scheduled time. The rice and soontofu were still nice and warm. The raw egg that is usually placed on top of the soontofu had cooked itself (into a soft yolk egg) by the time it arrived. The pancake was packed in a container with holes to prevent it from steaming up, but that meant that it had lost most of its heat when it arrived.

Oddle Korean Food Delivery from SBCD Korean Tofu House

The seafood pancake was cut up and packed compactly in a box. It did not look as appetizing compared to its natural round pancake form, but the taste was still good. The main seafood that we detected was squid. There was quite a bit of it. It was accompanied by a very nice sauce. The three side dishes that came with each soontofu were tiny. Still, the kimchi and the other two spicy dishes provided the distinctive tarty nibble in between bites of the main dishes.


What we looked forward to was the soontofu dishes – and they did not disappoint. What the soontofu dishes have in common is the very delicious spicy broth and the soft tofu. The tofu is precious and the quantity of the tofu in each dish was not very high, but the taste was as good as we remembered it to be. The level of spiciness can be customised. We selected the lowest level – “mild” , which was still quite spicy. The beef dish had thin slices of beef. The assorted dish had various pieces of seafood. The crab was the most prominent type of seafood.

Oddle Korean Food Delivery from SBCD Korean Tofu House

SBCD Korean Tofu House Outlets:

Tanjong Pagar Centre – 7 Wallich Street, #B1-01/02, S(078884)
Phone: +65 6386 6441

Millenia Walk – 9 Raffles Boulevard, #01-114, S(039586)
Phone: +65 6873 644

SBCD Website

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Your best source of protection isn't a gun or a sword. It's your brain. - Vincenzo Cassano (Park Joo-Hyung)

Your best source of protection isn’t a gun or a sword. It’s your brain. – Vincenzo Cassano (Park Joo-Hyung)

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