Spanish Food Delivery from La Taperia – ‘Atas’ Dabao Lunch

Our Spanish food delivery meal from La Taperia at Shaw Centre Singapore was the most expensive da bao food this year. It is not as pricey as the fancy takeaway from top Michelin Star restaurants, but a $93 lunch out of plastic boxes is still an extravagant meal.

Spanish Food Delivery from La Taperia

We tend to order our takeaway or delivery food from familiar restaurants. So when we decided to try some Spanish food delivery on a very rainy day, we chose the Spanish restaurant in Singapore that was the most recent that we had visited – La Taperia Spanish restaurant in Shaw Centre. You can read about our visit to the restaurant earlier in 2021 here.

La Taperia Spanish Food Delivery Menu

There is a couple of set meals that might be of interest to those thinking of a gourmet Spanish food delivery in Singapore. A 7-course premium set meal for two costs $148. We preferred to pick our specific items from the menu and decided on a Estofado Corto Costillas (braised short-rib, $32), a Rack de Cerdo a la Parrilla (grilled US pork rack, $28) and an appetiser of fresh mushrooms sautéed with garlic slivers ($18).

Spanish Food Delivery from La Taperia
Spanish Food Delivery from La Taperia

Our Spanish Da Bao Lunch from La Taperia

Here is a picture of our da bao Spanish food lunch. The total cost of the food was about $93 including GST and a $10 delivery fee. The first thing that greeted us when we opened the boxes was the smell of grilled pork and aroma from the gravy of the short ribs. It was a good start.

Spanish Food Delivery from La Taperia

The sautéed mushrooms with garlic slivers was prepared with extra virgin olive oil, jamón serrano and egg confit. The soft egg yolk combined well with the mushroom and ham. It was a good warm tapas dish but not as memorable as the main courses.

Our favourite item of the Spanish food delivery lunch was the braised short-rib. It is said to be prepared with jamón serrano, sun dried bell pepper, red Spanish wine reduction sauce, served with grated dark chocolate. The many ingredients combined to create a wonderful dish. The meat had the proverbial “melt in your mouth” texture and the gravy was rich and complex.

A more substantial dish than the short ribs, the grilled pork rack scored highly for first impressions. Its grilled meat smell made us want to eat it straightaway. But it was let down by the dryness of the meat. We used some of the gravy from the short ribs to rescue it. Together with the gravy, the pork mproved by a few notches.

We were quite happy with our expensive tabao lunch. If only we were not lazy and had transferred the food onto proper plates, the La Taperia Spanish food delivery would have been quite close to a meal at a Spanish restaurant in Singapore.

La Taperia
#02-10 Shaw Centre
1 Scotts Road, Singapore 228208

Tel : +65 6737 8336

Chope Book Now - Restaurant Reservation

Opening Hours:
Monday to Sunday
12pm to 3pm (last order at 2pm)
6.30pm to 11pm (last order at 10pm)

Nearby MRT Station: Orchard

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The most important quality to have is modesty. With modesty, one is always learning and avoids unnecessary mistakes. – George Yeo

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