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Pokémon Popcorn by Kettle Gourmet: The Chilli Crab is a Wonder

This gift box set of Pokémon Popcorn by Kettle Gourmet was recently released in July 2021, just nice for the fifth anniversary of Pokemon Go event which is currently underway. If you have Pokemon trainer friends who are young or young at heart, this will make a suitable gift for them.

Pokémon Popcorn by Kettle Gourmet

Pokémon Popcorn Gift Box Bundle

This attractive box landed at our desk, courtesy of the folks at Kettle Gourmet. The packaging of the box and of the three packs of Pokemon popcorn inside were of a high quality. The perforated circular line around the Poké ball at the back of the box allows it be detached. A legendary Pokémon with its stats is printed behind the Poké ball. Ours was a Zapdos – an electric and flying type. There are five different ones to collect. For more information on the Pokemon popcorn packs by Kettle Gourmet, please refer to the Kettle Gourmet website.

Inside the box were three packs of popcorn of different flavours featuring three starter Pokemon. They all look very cute. This being a food blog, we should leave the details of the game to the experts and focus on the main business at hand – how did the popcorn taste? At the outset we should say that the three types of popcorn were very different and would appeal to people in various ways.

Pokémon Popcorn by Kettle Gourmet

In keeping with the Pokemon theme we will borrow some methods of appraisal used by the Pokemon Go game team leaders.

Chilli Crab Popcorn

The decision was not unanimous, but the chilli crab popcorn featuring Charmander on the pack was thought to be the best of the three. The chilli flavour was fiery and very close to what we would expect of chilli crab curry. The choice of a fire Pokemon for the packaging is perfect. Using the words of Blanche, the Team Mystic leader we would say that “Overall, your Chilli Crab Popcorn is a wonder! What a breathtaking Popcorn!”

Pokémon Popcorn by Kettle Gourmet

Kaya Butter Toast Popcorn

The kaya butter toast popcorn featuring Bulbasaur on the pack was also well received. The kaya butter taste was realistic enough and was close to the familiar taste of caramelised popcorn, but stronger. Perhaps the Team Valor Leader might have this to say: “Overall, your Popcorn is a strong Popcorn. You should be proud!”

Chocolate Pokemon Popcorn

Unfortunately, this turned out to be a case of the nice guy finishing last. The chocolate popcorn featuring the cute Squirtle is a pleasant style of popcorn. But for us, it lacked the distinctive flavours found in the previous two. Using the appraisal by the Team Valor leader might be appropriate: “Overall, your Popcorn may not be great in battle, but I still like it!

The Pokémon Popcorn by Kettle Gourmet are sold (in boxes or individual flavours) in physical stores such as the Pokémon Center in Jewel and NTUC Fairprice Finest stores. They are also available online at the Kettle Gourmet store as well as other online shopping platforms.

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I see now that the circumstances of one's birth are irrelevant; it is what you do with the gift of life that determines who you are.  - Pokemon Mewtwo (in Pokemon: The Movie)

I see now that the circumstances of one’s birth are irrelevant; it is what you do with the gift of life that determines who you are.  – Pokemon Mewtwo (in Pokemon: The Movie)

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