Pantler River Valley : New Patisserie & Cafe Location

Opened in February 2021, Pantler River Valley is the new location of the popular Pantler cafe which used to be at Telok Ayer. Judging from the long queue for takeaway cakes and pastries, the pivot from a Singapore CBD downtown location to a residential area looks like a good idea.

Pantler River Valley

Housed in a ground floor unit in the low building, Pantler River Valley is right across the road from Valley Point. The ground floor of this building is occupied by various retail businesses while the units upstairs seem to be residential apartments. We thought that it would be a good location for us to stop, pick and up run. But we were mistaken. The quiet exterior of the Pantler cafe concealed a long snaking line inside. We were stuck in a queue inside the cafe for around 30 minutes. This was just before the latest COVID heightened alert restrictions.

Pantler River Valley
Pantler River Valley

Pantler River Valley Cafe

Simple furniture awaits those who are dining in at the Pantler River Valley cafe. There are a few tables at the front but the main seating area is at the back of the cafe. Overall, it is bigger and brighter than the previous Pantler Telok Ayer cafe.

Pantler River Valley

Dining in was still possible at the time of our visit earlier in July 2021, but most people were there for takeaway. The seats were mostly empty but a long snaking queue wound its way around the cake display and cashier areas. The order system, requiring diners to also queue up to order and pay added to pressure on the cashier. To their credit, the staff seemed to handle the crowd well with their cheerful demeanour. The patrons were equally well-behaved, spending most of their waiting time on their iPhones or admiring the cakes behind the glass.

These are the real attractions at Pantler River Valley. Delectable desserts in various shapes and forms.

Pantler River Valley

Pantler Cafe Drinks Menu

With all the food out on display, there is only a drink menu at Pantler. Here is a picture of it.

Pantler River Valley
Pantler Menu River Valley

What We Bought at Pantler

These are the items that we bought from Pantler:

A slice of dark chocolate delice ($8.80) which is made using Ocoa chocolate, a 70% dark chocolate with a roasted and bittersweet taste on top of a Sable Breton (French butter biscuit). Any one who likes chocolate will like this.

A puits d’armor tart ($8.50), the yellow coloured item in our picture below. It is made with banana, rum and cream. Sound like a strange combination but it works well together

Two pieces of their signature chou a la crème ($5.50 each). These ‘cream puffs’ are our favourite. Their light and crispy pastry, is ffilled with pastry cream and a crunchy nougatine. The cream is light and not overly sweet. Perfect with a strong espresso.

You can see more details of the Pantler products on the website. Shopping online is now possible.

474 River Valley Road, Singapore 248359
(Opposite Valley Point Shopping Centre)

Tel: +65 6221 6223

Current Opening Hours
Tue – Sun : 11 am – 6 pm
Closed on Mondays


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Never regret anything that makes you smile. - Audrey Hepburn
Never regret anything that makes you smile. – Audrey Hepburn

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