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FLNT @ 1-ATICO ION Orchard – Japanese-Peruvian Gastrobar

A restaurant like FLNT @ 1-ATICO ION Orchard is one of the reasons why we love dining out. FLNT is a beautiful restaurant that offers a spectacular view, interesting fusion cuisine and good service.

FLNT @ 1-Atico ION Orchard


1-ATICO is a visually impressive dining space occupying two levels at the top of ION Orchard. It houses 3 separate dining concepts – FIRE, an authentic Argentinian restaurant, FLNT, a Japanese-Peruvian Restaurant and Bar, and ATICO Lounge for high-teas and cocktails.

FLNT @ 1-Atico ION Orchard

FLNT is on the lower level of the 1-ATICO penthouse space. The long narrow space enables almost every table in the restaurant to get the grand views offered by the floor-to-ceiling windows.

FLNT @ 1-Atico ION Orchard

Menu of FLNT

FLNT @ 1-ATICO is a gastrobar serving Nikkei cuisine, which is described as a union of Japanese culinary traditions with the depth of exotic Peruvian ingredients.

Sashimi, Miso Cod, Wagyu Beef as well as Cerviche and Iberico Pork are some of the items on the menu. There are tasting menus for dinner and affordable sets for lunch.

The menus can be viewed online. Below are screenshots of the current menu of FLNT @ 1-ATICO .

FLNT @ 1-Atico lunch menu
FLNT Lunch Menu

Dinner menu of  FLNT @ 1-Atico
FLNT Dinner Menu

Lunch at FLNT @ 1-ATICO

The FLNT Set Lunch is a 4 course affair – a choice of main course plus appetizer, soup and fruits. We opted for the Wagyu Don Set ($70) and Tempura Don Set ($30).

The presentation was simple. The entire meal was served on a tray.

Wagyu Don Lunch Set at FLNT @ IUON Orchard

The Wagyu Don had slices of beef and an onsen egg sitting on white steamed rice. Foie gras, spring onion and seaweed were among the other ingredients in the rice bowl. The beef was excellent – buttery, tender and juicy and had a tantalizing rich flavour. The other ingredients in the dish added complexity and enhanced the enjoyment of the Wagyu Don.

Wagyu Don FLNT @ 1-ATICO
Tempura Don Set FLNT @ 1-ATICO

The Tempura Don looked great but you would not expect it to be on the same level as the Wagyu Don. Nevertheless, it was still a good dish. The battered and fried prawns and vegetables were drizzled with a thick sweetish soy sauce. The batter provided a nice crunchy texture while allowing the flavours of the prawns and vegetables to come through to please the palate.

Tempura Don FLNT @ 1-ATICO

Sky High Dining Experience

We enjoyed our lunch sets at FLNT @ 1-ATICO. The service was friendly and attentive without being intrusive. It was a unique dining experience – enjoyable fusion cuisine in a stylishly appointed space high up in the sky. We were so reluctant to leave the beautiful restaurant with the spectacular views it offered that we ordered coffee so that we could linger there at bit longer.

1-ATICO coffee

Food: 4
Service: 4
Value: 3
Atmosphere: 5
Overall Rating: 4 TOPs   4 tops

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2 Orchard Turn
Level 55 & 56. ION Orchard
Singapore 238801


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A man only has the right to look down at another when he helps him to lift himself up. -Gabriel García Márquez

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