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Casa by Remy Lefebvre at CHIJMES Singapore (Closed)

Casa by Remy Lefebvre is a new restaurant at CHIJMES Singapore. We tried the $88++ Trust Me lunch menu when we were there recently.

The beauty of the CHIJMES f & b complex has withstood the test of time. It is less crowded now but is still an attractive place. It is an oasis in a very busy part of Singapore. We were there to try out the latest new restaurant at CHIJMES.

Casa by Remy Lefebvre – New Restaurant at CHIJMES Singapore

Casa by Remy Lefebvre takes up residence in a space next to the Mexican restaurant El Mero Mero. The Casa signboard is small and it is easier to use the very prominent sign board and al fresco dining area of El Mero Mero to navigate your way there.

The decor of the restaurant is unfussy and functional. It is a small restaurant with an open kitchen.

Casa by Remy Lefebvre Review

Casa by Remy Lefebvre Menu

At lunchtime there were a few menus to choose from. We selected the most affordable option – the $88++ “Trust Me” lunch 3-course menu. Here are sample pictures of the Casa by Remy Lefebvre menu and a page from the wine list.

Bread and Snacks

Casa by Remy Lefebvre

Our lunch started with the arrival of a heavily toasted piece of bread (picture above) and some snacks (picture below). The snacks were described as smoked petuna trout & roe tartelette and lard sandwich & mouhamarrah. We detected mainly the taste of fish roe and the fatty piece of ham.

Casa by Remy Lefebvre


For starters there was a choice of Gambas or Ratatouille. We selected one of each to try out both of them. The Gambas starter was a cold dish that featured small smoked prawns served with a yuzu kosho flavoured broth. According to a quick Google search, yuzu kosho is a type of Japanese condiment made from chillies and then fermented with salt and yuzu juice. The prawns were nice but we found the mix of flavours to be unusual.

Less interesting was the Ratatouille (picture below).

Main Courses

Two types of fish dishes were available for the main course – Sea Bream or Monkfish Tail.

The sea bream (picture above) had a fresher, cleaner taste, but was smaller in size. Fortunately it was served with a cup of rice. The monkfish (picture below) was a relatively more substantial fish dish but the taste was less elegant.


Dessert and Petits Fours

Dessert was Summer Berries (picture above) – a dish of berries on a bed of chewy mochi and some crème fraîche. A simple plate of petits four completed our meal at Casa by Remy Lefebvre, CHIJMES Singapore.

Casa by Remy Lefebvre

Food: 3
Service: 4
Value: 3
Atmosphere: 3
Overall Rating: 3 TOPs 3 Tops

Casa Restaurant by Remy Lefebvre
30 Victoria Street, CHIJMES #01-20
Singapore 187996

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My favorite machine at the gym is the vending machine. – Caroline Rhea

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