ManNa Korean Restaurant @ Singpost Centre

ManNa Korean Restaurant specializes in Korean BBQ and has been delighting diners in Singapore even before K-dramas became popular in Singapore. Its new main branch at Singpost Centre offers BBQ Buffet from $29.80 and BBQ Lunch Set at only $12.80 as well as a wide selection of traditional and classic Korean dishes.

Manna Korean Restaurant @ Singpost Centre

ManNa Korean Restaurant

It was founded in 1999 Telok Ayer and was one of the top destinations in the CBD for Korean BBQ and other Korean cuisines. The restaurant in Telok Ayer closed earlier this year. The new main branch of ManNa Korean Restaurant is now in Singpost Centre.

ManNa &SingPost Centre
ManNa Korean Restaurant Singapore Post Centre

The newly opened ManNa at Singpost Centre occupies a huge space. It is the size of a small food court. The restaurant is bright and airy with a distinctive Korean interior. The signature smoke extractors announce that it is a Korean BBQ place.

Manna Korean Restaurant @ Singpost Centre

Menu of ManNa Korean Restaurant

The menu book of ManNa is big and thick. Besides the various types of meat for BBQ, a wide variety of Korean dishes can be found in the a la carte section. Fried chicken, bulgogi, ttokpokki, kimchi panckaes, chap chae, gingeng chicken soup and various rice and noodle dishes are available.

Many people go to ManNa for the BBQ buffet. It is priced at $29.80 for both lunch and dinner form Monday to Thursday. The price is $34.80 on Friday, Saturday and Sunday and on any public holiday or eve of public holiday.

ManNa Korean Restaurant BBQ Buffet

If a buffet is too heavy for lunch, ManNa has attractively priced lunch sets.

ManNa Korean Restaurant Lunch Sets

$12.80 Lunch Set

We tried the Lunch BBQ Set ($12.80). The set comes with some salad, soup and rice. Banchan (or the typical Korean small side dishes) will be served.

There is a choice of the main item – from fish, pork, chicken and beef. We chose beef and opted for a fried egg add-on at $0.80.

ManNa Korean Restaurant Set Lunch

The portion size of the beef was generous. The sliced beef was well marinated. It was tender and flavourful. The lunch set was enjoyable and very good value.

ManNa Lunch Set

Bibimbap & Jjajang Myeon

We also ordered the staple dishes of Bibimbap ($14.80) & Jjajang Myeon ($13.80). There was a choice of topping for the bibimbap and we opted for pork.

ManNa Korean Restaurant Bibimbap

The healthy Korean classic dish of rice and vegetables looked colourful and really tickled the taste buds. It was slightly spicy, sweet and sour. With an assortment of fresh vegetables, nicely grilled meat and other ingredients, there were unique flavour and texture combinations in every spoonful.

ManNa Bibimbap
ManNa Jjajang Myeon

Jjajang Myeon was not a dish made for food photography. The dish of thick noodles in black bean sauce might not be photogenic but it had personality. You would not feel like you were eating generic ramen or noodle. The sweet savoury sauce was rich and flavourful. The noodles had a nice bite. There were julienned cucumber, carrots and other ingredients in the bowl. Everything combined well to please the palate. It was a satisfying dish.

ManNa SingPost Jjajang Myeon

Good Affordable Korean Food

Overall, we thought that the new ManNa Korean restaurant in SingPost Centre served good Korean food at a very affordable price. We found the staff welcoming. The restaurant is spacious and pleasant and there is a wide selection of authentic Korean dishes. ManNa Korean Restaurant @ Singpost Centre is a good place for a satisfying Korean meal.

ManNa Banchan

Food: 4
Service: 3
Value: 4
Atmosphere: 3
Overall Rating: 4 TOPs  4 tops


10 Eunos Road 8
#02-138/139 Singpost Centre
Singapore 408600

Tel: +65 6227 7425

Nearby MRT Station: Paya Lebar Interchange

Takeaway and Delivery facilities are available – Order Online


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