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Ippudo Delivery Singapore – Is it the same as dining in restaurant?

The $41 Buddy Meal for 2 in the Ippudo delivery menu caught our eye. Did the famous Japanese ramen delivery taste the same as in the restaurant? Mostly yes, but something was missing.

Ippudo Delivery Singapore

Ippudo ramen has always been one of our favourite ramen shops in Singapore. It looks like we are not alone. Since their first restaurant opened in 2009 at Mandarin Gallery, Ippudo has now expanded to nine locations in Singapore. Do you remember the long queues in the early days? Up till now, we had not ordered ramen from Ippudo delivery as we were not sure how the precious noodles would survive the journey. Running out of ideas as to what to eat at home we decided to try Ippudo ramen delivery using the Deliveroo platform.

Ippudo Delivery Menu

I believe most of our readers are familiar with the Ippudo restaurant menu. The delivery menu contains the main restaurant dishes. Our favourite thing to order at Ippudo is the Akamaru ramen. You can read about our visit to the Mandarin Gallery outlet here. Here are screenshots of some sample segments of the Ippudo delivery menu. We picked the Buddy Meal for 2 set which includes 2 ramen with salad, a side dish (gyoza or chicken garage) and a drink.

Ippudo Delivery Singapore Menu
Ippudo Delivery Singapore Menu

Ippudo Buddy Meals For 2

Our Ippudo delivery was executed seamlessly. The delivery was on time and the packaging was good. There was no spillage of soup. The ramen and toppings were separately packed from the soup and arranged attractively. In terms of visuals, it was as good as eating at the restaurant. For a complete dining in experience, one can simply transplant the ramen and soup into a nice bowl and it will look like a ramen dish in a Japanese restaurant. We did think of that but the thought was quickly dismissed when we discussed who would do the washing up.

Ippudo Delivery Singapore

For the side dish we selected the fried gyoza (3 per person). They were nice, still slightly warm and crisp from the delivery.

Does Ippudo delivery taste the same as in the restaurant?

This was the main question on our minds. The ramen arrived with some instructions on reheating. Our soup arrived still hot and so we decided that it was not necessary. That turned out to be a mistake. We did not take into account the loss of heat once the noodles and toppings go it. The next time we do this we will heat the soup till it is around 80 degrees. Slightly hot is not hot enough.

Once the ramen has been reunited with the soup and toppings, it did look like a real restaurant dish. But then we realised that it did not taste quite like what we are used to in the restaurant. The fresh garlic and crushed sesame seeds which are optional in the restaurant were not available at home. We would usually add generous amounts of these and so the soup at home felt less robust.

Other than the extra condiments, the Ippudo delivery ramen tasted substantially like the restaurant. One advantage of food delivery at home is that there is a wide range of beverages available without having to pay a hefty price. A nice cold sake goes well with Ippudo ramen.

Ippudo Singapore Webpage

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Do not seek to follow in the footsteps of the wise. Seek what they sought.
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Do not seek to follow in the footsteps of the wise. Seek what they sought. – Matsuo Basho

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