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Western Food Delivery from Bread Yard Cafe in Fusionopolis (Buona Vista)

Our recent lunch was a simple and nice western food delivery from Bread Yard cafe. It is located in the Fusionopolis. We had eaten there many times before COVID and its cosy atmosphere and tasty food was always a delight.

Western Food Delivery from Bread Yard Cafe

Bread Yard Cafe

The Singapore One North business park is a huge place, served by two MRT Stations – Buona Vista and One North MRT Stations. The Fusionopolis sector is to the south and within walking distance of the latter. In the pre-COVID days, we like to go there on Saturdays when the working crowd is gone and there is peace and quiet in the neighbourhood (and abundant parking spaces). Here are some pictures of the cafe and food from a previous visit to Bread Yard before COVID. Coffee, bread and brunch food (eg Shakshuka) are the highlights of this place.

Bread Yard Cafe Fusionopolis (pre-COVID file picture)

According to the Bread Yard website, the origins of the bakery could be traced back to a small oven in a housing flat in Ghim Moh. Their first bakery cafe opened in 2011 at Dover Road. Apparently they cultivated their our own yeast with a sourdough starter was birthed in a dormitory while on exchange at MIT. They moved to One North in 2015 where it was initially a bakery cafe. The bakery part was subsequently moved to a factory space as a larger space was needed to supply their breads to restaurants and hotels. 

Western Food Delivery Menu at Bread Yard Cafe

Like many other eateries, Bread Yard has ramped up their delivery / takeaway process since the start of COVID. Our delivery order was executed smoothly and efficiently. Their full delivery menu is available online. Here are screen shots of a few sample portions of the menu.

Delivery Menu of Bread Yard Cafe

Western Food Delivery from Bread Yard Cafe

We selected two items for our lunch – cheesesteak sandwich ($16) and rustic meatball linguine ($14). We also took the opportunity to order a loaf of their famous bread. For that day we picked the multi-grain wholewheat loaf ($6).

Our Simple and Nice Western Food Delivery Lunch

The cheesesteak sandwich arrived with a small portion of pumpkin soup. It is a sandwich made with sliced rib-eye, mushrooms, cheese, onions and rye bread. A very enjoyable sandwich.

Western Food Delivery from Bread Yard Cafe

For a spicy western food delivery, we tried the rustic meatball linguine. It was made with beef meatballs, freshly-grated Parmesan, baby spinach, tomato sauce, za’atar and linguine. Za’atar, according to quick internet search, is a mix of Middle Eastern spices. I think some of it went into the meatballs and some onto the pasta generally. The result was the usual tomato based linguine with meatballs, but with a distinctive exotic flavour and smell. The meat balls in particular were better than the typical pasta meatballs and very delicious. The dish can be ordered in different levels of spiciness. We picked less spicy and it was still quite spicy. So choose carefully.

Western Food Delivery from Bread Yard Cafe

There are various types of breads available for delivery. We picked one of the most affordable ones – the multigrain wholemeal. It can be kept for two days (without freezing) but taste best when eaten on the same day. We like to eat it very mildly toasted, so that the surfaces start to become crisp (but before any browning happens) and the inside of the bread remains wonderfully soft and chewy.

Bread Yard Cafe
1 Fusionopolis Place
Galaxis  #01-23/24
Singapore 138522

Opening Hours:
Monday – Friday: 8am to 6pm 
Saturday/PH: 8am to 5pm 
Closed on Sunday
No Reservations – Walk In Only


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A person who knows how to laugh at himself will never cease to be amused.
- Shirley MacLaine

A person who knows how to laugh at himself will never cease to be amused. – Shirley MacLaine

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