New Sevens Cafe in Joo Chiat Place – for coffee and interior design ideas

The new Sevens Cafe in Joo Chiat Place is opened by the Sevens Group, a real estate developer, who have their property showroom (Sevens Atelier) next door. It is a nicely decorated cafe where patrons can indulge in freshly brewed coffee and contemporary Australian cafe fare.

New Sevens Cafe in Joo Chiat Place

Sevens Group

Sevens Group is a niche landed property developer. The group is founded by Eric Cheng, a Singapore Airlines steward who became a property agent and then a developer. The developer has completed over 70 landed projects in Australia and Singapore.

Sevens Group in Joo Chiat Place

Buyers of condominium units usually have showflats to view. Off-plan landed home buyers have to rely on small models and their imagination to visualise what they homes will look like. Sevens Atelier is a space which allows potential buyers to view showrooms for projects of the Sevens Group. They can also browse materials, fixtures, appliances and fittings for their houses. The adjoining Sevens Cafe offers clients a place to enjoy some refreshments after visiting the product gallery and showrooms. The cafe itself is a showcase of interesting interior features. A visit to Sevens Atelier and coffee at Sevens Cafe may well give you fresh inspiration when you need interior design ideas.

New Sevens Cafe in Joo Chiat Place

Sevens Cafe in Joo Chiat Place

New Sevens Cafe in Joo Chiat

Sevens Cafe is in the part of Joo Chiat that is nearer to Eunos than East Coast Road. It is located somewhere between Chilli Padi and the popular Joo Chiat Place Fried Kway Teow stall. There is a large public surface car park just opposite the cafe.

Sevens Cafe Joo Chiat

Unlike many new cafes with the industrial style interior, that is the bare concrete floor and the unfinished look, the new Sevens Cafe in Joo Chiat Place has a unique and stylish aesthetic.

It features curves and arches with warm, sandy hues punctuated by dramatic chandeliers and accent pieces.

7s Cafe in Joo Chiat

It has a cosy warm ambience and can be a nice spot to enjoy a cup of coffee with a book or a romantic spot for a casual date.

New Sevens Cafe Joo Chiat Place

The Menu of Sevens Cafe

The Menu of Sevens Cafe

You scan a QR code to see the Menu of Sevens Cafe. The menu is also on the cafe’s website.

Expect the usual all day breakfast items like Egg & Toast, Muesli and Pancakes. There are mains such as Pasta, Burgers and Bangers & Mash.

Sevens Cafe Tarts

Also available in the cafe are hand-crafted desserts such Panna Cotta Pandano and Bananarama Tartlet. The display counter showcases good looking tarts, as well as muffins, brownies and cakes.

Sevens Cafe Desserts

Brunch at Sevens Cafe Joo Chiat

Coffee Sevens Cafe

We visited the new cafe in Joo Chiat recently for brunch. We ordered the 7s Avod ($18), Egg & Toast ($14) and Oz Buttermilk Chicken Pancakes ($18). A cup of black coffee was $5; and white coffee was $5.50.

Water was served almost as soon as we were seated. The wait for the food was fairly short – less than 15 minutes.

Brunch at Sevens Cafe

The Egg & Toast delivered exactly what it promised. The scrambled eggs were soft, moist and creamy. Ham on crispy toasted sourdough topped with mushroom was a delightful combination of textures with smoky and earthy flavours. It was a good simple breakfast dish.

Egg & Toast - Sevens Cafe
Seven Cafe - 7s Avod

The 7s Avod won the beauty contest of the day. The taste of the smashed avocados on sourdough toast was nice but not exceptional. We liked the extra touch of the boiled quail eggs topping.

7s Avod @ Sevens Cafe
Buttermilk Chicken Pancakes at Sevens Cafe

The Oz Buttermilk Chicken Pancakes looked rather impressive with the luxurious touch of gold flakes topping. The pancakes and peppercorn maple syrup were average. The crispy buttermilk chicken was delicious. The meat was tender, succulent and flavourful. The portion size was quite big – more suitable for lunch than breakfast.

Buttermilk Chicken Pancakes at Sevens Cafe, Singapore

The coffee at Sevens Cafe (both the black and white coffee) was very good – great taste and aroma.

Australian Cafe Fare & Good Coffee

Sevens Cafe in Joo Chiat Place is a cosy cafe with stylish interiors for nice Australian cafe fare and very good coffee. Those who miss cafe-hopping Down Under may well find the Aussie good vibes and good coffee in Sevens Cafe.

Coffee at Sevens Cafe Joo Chiat

Food: 3
Service: 3
Value: 3
Atmosphere: 4
Overall Rating: 3 TOPs 3 Tops

Sevens Cafe Menu

Sevens Cafe
29 Joo Chiat Place, Singapore 427753

Tel: +65 8585 7777

Opening Hours: 8.30am – 5.30pm


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We live in an instant-coffee world. Sometimes real-world solutions take a little longer. – Mike Conaway

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