FishMart Fresh Fish Delivery Singapore – Direct From Jurong Port to Home

FishMart is a wholesale seafood supplier based at the Singapore Jurong Port. In theory, fresh fish delivery from a JFP supplier is one of the best ways of getting fresh seafood in Singapore, by-passing the wet market or the supermarket middleman.

FishMart Fresh Fish Delivery Singapore review

FishMart Fresh Fish Delivery Singapore

We found quite a number of Singapore fresh fish online retailers when we did an internet search. What attracted us to FishMart was its good reviews and their description. According to their website, they are “... a leading fish supplier and seafood wholesaler in Singapore with a fresh seafood delivery service at wholesale prices that provides seafood to customers’ doorstep directly from the Jurong Fishery Port“. Apparently the seafood fishing boats arrive at Jurong Fishery Port at around midnight. They clean and prepare the fish and send out deliveries to customers from 6am to noon the same day. We received our fish at around 10am.

FishMart Menu

There is a good range of staple fish and shellfish types available on the FishMart website. Mackerel, thread fin, salmon, cod and grouper are some of the mainstream types of fishes commonly available in Singapore. Here is a screen shot of a sample page from the fresh fish delivery menu. We are not experts on fresh seafood prices in Singapore but we thought that the Balai threadfin fillet (午鱼, $33.99 for 500g) and the cod fish fillet ($19.99 for 200g) were lower than the typical wet market prices. We bought one of each. It was also a strategic choice so that we crossed $50 to get free delivery.

FishMart Fresh Fish Delivery Singapore review
FishMart Menu Online

Our Fresh Fish Delivery Singapore

Our fish arrived packed in crushed ice in a styrofoam box. The cod fish was in a sealed plastic bag. The Balai threadfin was in an unsealed clear plastic bag (I believe “Balai” refers to Balai, an Indonesian island to the West of Jurong Singapore). Other than a slight fishy wetness at the bottom of the box, the external packaging was well done and dry. There was enough ice to keep the fish for a couple of hours until they are ready to be cooked.

FishMart Fresh Fish Delivery Singapore review

The threadfin (left) was a quite a large piece of fillet. It was mostly deboned, but a portion of it near the belly section contained some bones. The cod was totally boneless.

Our Online Fish Delivery Lunch

Our total fresh fish delivery of 700g of fish fillets was quite a quantity of fish for $54. We had them steamed with ginger and a bunch of mixed vegetables to create a simple one-dish meal with rice. How does online fish delivery compare with those from the wet market? The opinions were varied. One view was that the fish from the FishMart fresh fish delivery service was similar to those from the wet market. Another was that the wet market ones were slightly better. We had expected fish sent direct from wholesaler to be better but that was not necessarily the case. But considering the whole package in terms of price and convenience, we think that the FishMart fresh fish delivery Singapore service does provide a valuable alternative method of shopping for fresh seafood without leaving home.

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Things which matter most must never be at the mercy of things which matter least. – Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

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