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Wunderfolks Tarts – sweet treats in Joo Chiat with island wide delivery

Wunderfolks’ crowd-pleasing handmade tarts are now available in the East. The home grown patisserie recently moved to Joo Chiat Road and also launched an updated menu with 6 different flavours.

Wunderfolks in Joo Chiat

Wunderfolks Tarts Singapore
Photo: Wunderfolks

Started as an online home based patisserie a few years ago, Wunderfolks first set up a brick and mortar shop in Stirling Road. It recently moved to a shophouse in Joo Chiat Road. The takeaway shop is just 2 doors away from the popular Kamone Bakery with the trendy Common Man Coffee Roasters just a bit further down the road.

Walk through the doors of the patisserie and you will see a small reception area and pretty tarts on display at the counter. The rear of the premises is the baking area.

Wunderfolks Tarts

Wunderfolks’ tarts are handmade and there are 8cm tarts and whole tarts. They are made in small batches and are usually sold out by early afternoon.

Currently, the 8cm tarts come in these flavours: –

  • Fruitilicious Mixed Fruit
  • Valrhona Dark Chocolate
  • Lychee
  • Hey Sesame
  • Lemony Meringue
  • Maple Pecan

The 8cm tarts are $8 each or $42 for a box of 6.

Wunderfolks whole tarts
Photo: Wunderfolks

The whole tarts are $45 each. You can have Duo Flavour tarts – such as Fruitilicious Fruit and Valrhona Dark Chocolate.

Delightful Wunderfolks Tarts

Wunderfolks Box of 4 Tarts

We had wanted to write about the delightful tarts of Wunderfolks sometime ago. However, we never got to try their signature Fruitilicious Mixed Fruit Tart until very recently. We had dropped by the shop in Joo Chiat a number of times in the late afternoon – but either all the tarts were already sold out or there were just one or two flavours left. The signature fruit tart was never available. Once we were there and there were only 4 tarts left – 3 Maple Pecan Tarts and 1 Hey Sesame Tart. We bought all 4. There was no regret.

The Signature Tart

We finally managed to buy the Fruitilicious Mixed Fruit Tart when we went to Wunderfolks in Joo Chiat around lunchtime. The tart looked colourful and appealing. The tart base was crisp and buttery. The Madagascan vanilla custard was creamy and delicious. The topping of different juicy fruits provided a range of flavours and textures. Each bite of the small tart was a delightful treat for the palate. We would rank the signature tart as our favourite among the Wunderfolks tarts we had tried.

Hey Sesame & Maple Pecan

Wunderfolks Hey Sesame Tart

Hey Sesame was a tart of creamy & luscious black sesame ganache. It had rich complex flavours – nutty, sweet and savoury. It was interesting but not one of our favourites. We would prefer the Maple Pecan Tart to Hey Sesame. The filling of maple almond frangipane topped with roasted pecan had a nice sweet aroma. It might not be the best looking tart but it was delectable with layers upon layers of rich flavours.

Wunderfolks Maple Pecan Tart

Lychee Tart

The Lychee Tart was one that looked lovely. The filling of lychee & rose mousse with luscious lychee raspberry whipped ganache had a pleasing scent and the sweet tangy fruity flavours were very easy on the palate. It would a perfect candidate for afternoon tea.

Sweet Treats

Made freshly in the premises in Joo Chiat, Wunderfolks tarts are sweet treats that had wowed many. They have become so popular that it is advisable to place advance orders, especially if you want to buy specific flavours. Islandwide delivery service is also available, with free delivery for orders above $100. They can also customise tarts for birthdays and special celebrations and provide gift sets for wedding, baby shower and corporate events.

201 Joo Chiat Road #01-03, Singapore 427472​

Whatsapp: +65 9749 7940

Opening Hours
Tuesday to Sunday : 10am to 5pm or till sold out
Closed on Mondays


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There is no fruit which is not bitter before it is ripe. - Publilius Syrus

There is no fruit which is not bitter before it is ripe. – Publilius Syrus

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