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Isshin Machi Taiwanese Food Delivery Review

We tried the 一心一町 Isshin Machi Taiwanese food delivery via Deliveroo recently. They have a few outlets in Singapore, including a new one at Holland Village (18 Lorong Mambong).

Isshin Machi Taiwan Food Delivery

Isshin Machi is a restaurant that we have not tried before. We don’t even know what they look like in real life. So ordering food was like a blind date, but easier because there are reviews. This Taiwanese restaurant has a 4.7 out of 5 rating on Deliveroo, so we thought it should be safe.

Isshin Machi Taiwan Food Delivery Menu

There is quite a wide range of Taiwanese food on the Isshin Machi delivery menu. Here are some screen shots of sample portions. We have provided a link to the full menu at the end of this post. We ordered three dishes: Hakka-style Braised Meat Rice 客家滷肉飯 ($10.80) Signature Taiwanese Braised Beef Noodle ($14.40) 台灣蔥燒牛肉湯麵 and Cabbage with Stir-fried Dry Shrimp 蝦米炒高麗菜 ($9.60)

We had a good first impression of our Isshin Machi delivery. The whole package was Muji-like. A simple but sturdy transparent bag holding the plain white containers. It is a practical way of packing as it enables us and the folks handling the delivery process to roughly check whether the order is correct.

Our Lunch

We opened up the packages to a pretty sight. Like some trendy people after a long flight, they arrived looking immaculately dressed. Only the soup for the braised beef noodles experienced some turbulence along the way and the box was a bit messy.

The braised beef noodle was good. Using our experience at Yong Kang, said to be the best in Taipei, we think that it is close to authentic noodles in Taiwan. The noodles were very good. If we had our way, the soup would be more full bodied and the beef would be softer. But still it was pretty good.

Our favourite item was the Hakka-style braised meat rice. It was a bowl of rice topped with bits of braised pork, vegetables and a braised egg. All the flavours were evenly balanced. The soft rice, crunchy vegetables and chewy meat pieces also worked well in terms of texture. Its price was more attractive than the noodles. It is a useful dish to order if you are going to eat it watching TV or working. Just using one hand with a spoon is sufficient.

Cabbage with stir-fried dried shrimp was our final dish. We ordered it because it was indicated as a starred popular dish on the menu and to provide a contrast to the meat dishes. It had a good taste – the sweetness of cabbage balanced with the complexity of dried shrimp (‘hae bee’) and garlic. It was relatively expensive, almost the same price as the rice. But we would order it again as the added variety of flavours made the lunch more interesting.

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Today's audience knows more about what's on television than what's in life. - Larry Gelbart

Today’s audience knows more about what’s on television than what’s in life. – Larry Gelbart

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