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Saint Pierre – 2 Michelin Star Restaurant Set Lunch

Saint Pierre is a contemporary French fine dining restaurant headed by Chef-Owner Emmanuel Stroobant, who had earned the title of Grand Chef Relais & Châteaux. The restaurant has many international accolades and was awarded two stars by Michelin Guide Singapore in 2019 and 2021.

Saint Pierre @ One Fullerton

Situated at One Fullerton, Saint Pierre has a scenic view of Marina Bay. The main dining room is an intimate elegant space that seats up to 24 persons.

Menu of Saint Pierre

The restaurant offers a Discovery Menu at $328 per person and an Adventure Menu at $388 per person. For ordinary patrons without business expense account, there is a Set Lunch Menu which is more affordable, relatively speaking. A 3-course Set Lunch available from Wednesday to Friday is priced at $158 per person. The 4-course Set Lunch available from Wednesday to Saturday will cost $188 per person. Various supplements and add-ons can mean that the final amount on the bill will be considerably higher than the basic set menu price.

The menu of Saint Pierre is on its website. Below is a picture of the Set Lunch Menu.

There can be variations to the menu due to the availability and seasonality of ingredients. There can also be changes to cater to special dietary requirements.

2 Michelin Star Restaurant Set Lunch

Chef’s Snacks and Bread

We always look forward to the surprises that the chefs will prepare as small bites preceding the main meal.

Saint Pierre’s way of welcoming guests was a plate of a trio of pretty little things. They were deliciously refreshing and certainly served the purpose of awakening the palate.

Bread was served in a decorative wooden bowl. The balls of butter on a marble slab looked like a modern art piece. The bread was very good and we liked the black garlic butter.


There was a bonus round of snacks before the meal. The sea urchin on a bed of custard was particularly interesting.

Omi Beef with watermelon radish

The Omi Beef with watermelon radish and the tuna with shiso jelly were imaginative combinations that were delectable.

Tuna with shiso jelly


Our starters were Matsutake (which required a supplementary fee of $18) and Tomato.


The matsutake mushroom sat on a bed of thin squid ribbons in the middle of the trademark hand-drawn Zen Circle made with celeriac puree. The Japanese mushroom had a meaty texture and a sweet aroma. The squid had a clean fresh taste. The dish was well balanced and very enjoyable.

Amela Tomato

Tomato looked like a straightforward vegetarian dish. The slice of juicy tomato combined really well with avocado and pomelo. The beautiful dish surprised with a delightful mix of textures and flavours.

The Main Course

We opted for the Beef (with a $18 supplement) and the Seabass.

Omi Beef

The omi beef had fatty meat with the melt-in-your-mouth texture. The deep dark sauce enhanced the dish without taking anything away from the star of the show. It was by far the best dish of the day; and the best beef dish we have had in a long while.

Nagasaki Seabass

The seabass was the prettier dish of the two mains. The fillet sat on a Zen circle of champagne sauce. The fish had mild, subtle flavour. The dish was nice but it did not excite the palate as much as it excite the eyes.


Sollies Fig,

Our desserts of fig tart and chocolate with salted caramel and hazelnut were a feast for eye as well as the mouth. It was a wonderful way to end a memorable meal.

Jivara Chocolate

Indulgent Simplicity

Saint Pierre is an excellent restaurant with style and personality. There is a balance between simplicity and sophistication. It has understated refined interiors but picturesque views; the staff is professional but friendly. Having the renowned Chef Emmanuel Stroobant personally put finishing touches to your dish at your table will certainly make your meal a rather memorable one.

Petit Four

However, it is the cuisine that will make a visit to Saint Pierre a truly wonderful dining experience. Using top grade fresh ingredients, subtle touches are added to the main item of each dish to create surprising but harmonious flavours. Seemingly simple food – deliciously indulgent meal.

Our set lunch at 2 Michelin Star Saint Pierre was a meal that left us both satisfied and longing for more.

Chef Emmanuel Stroobant
Chef Emmanuel Stroobant

Food: 5
Service: 4
Value: 4
Atmosphere: 4
Overall Rating: 4 TOPs  4 tops

Saint Pierre
1 Fullerton Road, #02-02B One Fullerton
Singapore 049213

Tel: +65 6438 0887

Opening Hours:
Tue: 6-11pm (Last Seating: 8pm)
Wed-Sat: 11:30am-3pm (Last Seating: 1:30pm), 6-11pm (Last Seating: 8pm)
Closed Sunday & Monday


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As far as food is concerned, simplicity is one of the hardest skills to acquire. - Chef Emmanuel Stroobantquote
As far as food is concerned, simplicity is one of the hardest skills to acquire. – Chef Emmanuel Stroobant

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