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SBCD Millenia Walk Review – Lunch at Korean Tofu House

SBCD Millenia Walk is the largest SBCD Korean Tofu House outlet in Singapore. Despite the huge capacity this is a restaurant that fills up easily. Korean food is really popular in Singapore these days.

SBCD Millenia Walk Review

SBCD Korean Tofu House has three outlets in Singapore. Apart from SBCD Millenia Walk, the others are in Guoco Centre (formerly known as Tanjong Pagar Centre) and Alexandra Retail Centre (ARC). The SBCD Millenia outlet has a small entrance but that narrow entry way opens up to a big dining space inside. SBCD is famous for its soft tofu Soontofu that is made with mature white soybeans that are specially imported from Paju, South Korea which is close to Korea’s Demilitarized Zone (DMZ).

SBCD Millenia Walk Menu

Here are pictures of the SBCD Millenia menu. Soontofu is the star of SBCD but there are other meat main courses such as bulgogi and starters such as dumplings and pancakes. There is also the SBCD Combo Meal option that combines a main course with a soontofu of your choice. We decided on a bulgogi combo with beef soontofu ($32.90) and a Korean Seafood Pancake ($27.90).

SBCD Millenia Walk Menu
SBCD Millenia Walk Menu

Korean Appetisers

Our lunch started with an array of Korean appetisers. The range was not as wide as some other Korean restaurants, but it was adequate for us. The small fried fish was the best appetiser. Its meat was sweet and delicate but it takes a bit of work to navigate through the bones. Other than the fish, the rest of the side dishes are refillable. The staff replenished them whenever the dishes were empty. It is best to get a table in the middle of the restaurant which experience more traffic from the service trolleys.

SBCD Millenia Walk Review

SBCD Millenia Walk Soontofu

The soontofu dish at SBCD Korean Tofu House is offered at 4 different levels of spiciness for the broth – mild, medium, spicy and crazy hot. For us even the mild level already felt mighty spicy. So choose wisely. Our beef soontofu arrived bubbling hot. The heavy pot allowed the heat to be retained for a while. The tofu is really soft – more like tau huay than tofu. It is a wonderful dish regardless of the kind of topping. Just this dish and steamed rice would make a good meal, especially if dining alone.

SBCD Millenia Walk Review Soontofu
SBCD Soontofu

Korean Seafood Pancake

We always like to have the seafood pancake at Korean restaurants. The one at SBCD Millenia Walk was very good. Prepared crisp on the surface but with bounciness inside together with a fair amount of seafood (mostly squid), it is a snack which goes well with any drink such as soju.

SBCD Seafood Pancake

Main Course – Bulgogi

Bulgogi is marinated grilled beef, Korean style. The one served at SBCD Millenia was pretty good and in a large portion as well. It is enough to share among two or three people. The thinly sliced beef has a mix of lean and fat. The marinade gives it a strong flavour. This is the kind of dish that has to be eaten with plain rice. The main course is usually the main attraction of a meal but for us the main course was the least interesting. This is not to say it is bad, rather the other dishes are so much more exciting. I think we should skip this and try other starters in the future.

This is picture of everything we ate for lunch at SBCD Millenia Walk. Don’t forget to pick up a complimentary yogurt drink from the chiller before leaving!


Food: 4
Service: 3
Value: 2
Atmosphere: 3
Overall Rating: 3 TOPs 3 Tops

SBCD Millenia Walk
9 Raffles Boulevard
Singapore 039596

Chope Book Now - Restaurant Reservation

Opening Hours: 11:30am-10pm

Nearby MRT Stations: Promenade, Esplanade

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We are all hypocrites. We cannot see ourselves or judge ourselves the way we see and judge others. – José Emilio Pacheco

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