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Apollo Coffee Bar in Serangoon Gardens

Apollo Coffee Bar is the place to head to for brunch or speciality coffee in Serangoon Gardens. It is run by the same people behind the popular Atlas Coffeehouse, Columbus and Neptune, which probably explains why Apollo is almost always packed.

Apollo Coffee Bar in Serangoon Gardens

Apollo Coffee Bar in Serangoon Gardens

Apollo Coffee Bar in Serangoon Gardens

Located in a shophouse near the famous Pow Sing Chicken Rice Restaurant and Chong Hoe 中和 Health Products Chinese Medical Store, Apollo Coffee Bar has an attractive white frontage.

Apollo Coffee Bar - cafe in Serangoon Gardens

The space of the cafe is not big but it is well laid lot to look good and to accommodate dining parties of various sizes. There are seats outdoors. There are large communal tables as well as bar counter seats for the solo diner.

Apollo Coffee Bar

Apollo cafe in Serangoon Gardens

Patrons can choose from a good mix of high tables and regular dining tables.

Apollo cafe

A lovely area at the back of the cafe has a glass roof which makes the space feel like an al fresco dining area, but with air-conditioning. During the day it is bathed in natural light and is the perfect spot for food photography.

Apollo instagram-worthy cafe

Menu of Apollo Coffee Bar

The digital menu of Apollo Coffee Bar can be accessed by scanning a QR code. The usual cafe fare like burgers, waffles and pasta are on the menu. There are also interesting items like Nori, Avo & Eggs, Wurst Rosti, Tofu Hummus, Shishito Wings and Salmon Soba Bowl.

Below are pictures of random screenshots of the Appolo menu.


Orders can be made at the counter or online using the digital menu.

Brunch at Apollo Coffee Bar

We ordered the Chorizo, Eggs & Avo ($20.90) and Breakfast Burger ($17.70) as well as a flat white ($5.40) and a cortado ($4.80).

Apollo Coffee Bar

The service at this hip neighbourhood cafe is commendable. The well trained young service crew members were friendly, cheerful and efficient. Though the place was busy, we were made to feel welcome.

Water was brought to our table almost as soon as we placed our orders. The wait for the food and beverages were fairly short.

Apollo Coffee Bar - Cortado

The barrista-made coffee was excellent. Apollo’s cortado, made out of one part espresso and one part milk, would be our new favourite beverage

Chorizo, Eggs & Avo at Apollo

The Chorizo, Eggs & Avo was the staple of eggs on toast levelled up with spicy Spanish sausage and smashed avocado. The chorizo with bits of fatty pork inside was rather spicy. The avocado was creamy and delicious.

Chorizo, Eggs & Avo at Apollo Coffee Bar
Breakfast Burger at Apollo

The Breakfast Burger was melted cheddar cheese, scrambled eggs, caramelised onions and bacon in between brioche buns, and served with mini hash browns. It was certainly a more interesting way to have your usual ham and egg sandwich. The garlic-infused mayonnaise added a nice kick to the burger.

Apollo's Breakfast Burger

Lovely Cafe in Serangoon Gardens

Apollo Coffee Bar is a lovely space for good coffee. It has good customer service and the food is not bad too. Having a drink or a meal there is a very pleasant experience. If we were living in Serangoon Gardens, we would likely be frequent visitors of Apollo Coffee Bar.

Lovely Cafe in Serangoon Gardens

Food: 4
Service: 4
Value: 3
Atmosphere: 3
Overall Rating: 4 TOPs  4 tops

Apollo Coffee Bar
65 Serangoon Garden Way, Singapore 555961


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The little things matter as much, if not more, than the bigger things. - Adrian Swinscoequote
The little things matter as much, if not more, than the bigger things. – Adrian Swinscoe

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