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Meat Krafters Singapore – New Posh Shop @ Ghim Moh

Meat Krafters Singapore is a new shop at Ghim Moh. It is an ‘atas’ grocer – a mini Culina where one can buy the finest wines, meat and delicious food and drinks. We show you some of the fine food and wines on sale at the shop.

Meat Krafters Singapore Ghim Moh

Meat Krafters Ghim Moh Singapore

Interesting things are happening around Ghim Moh market. Some of the shops surrounding the market have changed. There is one large modern fruit and vegetable shop that has a huge variety of produce. But the most striking new shop at Ghim Moh is Meat Krafters. It is on the ground floor of a HDB block facing the wet market. It will also not look out of place in an upmarket mall like the Paragon.

According to their website, the folks behind Meat Krafters are “passionate foodies” who found that they had to travel to different places to find their favourite meats, cheese and sauces etc. So they decided to bring these nice things under one roof. Out of this shop in Ghim Moh, they also serve the rest of Singapore via their online shop.

Wines and Meat

Immediately after we stepped into the Meat Krafter shop at Ghim Moh we were greeted by a bank of wine chillers. The range of wines may not be as extensive as that in Culina or Crystal Wine, but they seem to stock some impressive labels. The ceiling of the shop is decorated with panels from wooden wine crates. The building in front of the shop is the Ghim Moh wet market and food centre.

Meat Krafters Singapore Ghim Moh

In addition to top Bordeaux wines, including some of the first-growth châteaux, there are also some delicious wines from Spain and Italy including some top super Tuscans.

After the wines, our eyes were drawn to the meats selection at Meat Krafters. Most of the meats are displayed in the chillers at the reception counter. We spotted many varieties from Australia and a mix of USDA, NZ and Japanese meats.

Meat Krafters Singapore Ghim Moh
Meat Krafters Singapore Ghim Moh

On display is a Dry Ager beef chiller where large chunks of meat were in the process of aging. According to a sign on the machine, Meat Krafters also offer meat aging services, which is something new to us. It costs $14 for 30 days or less and up to 90 days for $58. We wonder how that works, maybe we should try it one day.

The Big Chiller

One side of the shop is a whole wall of chillers. It contains a variety of frozen food ranging from sliced sukiyaki beef to seafood and bread.

The items that caught our attention were these wild caught Australian scallops and the frozen bread. We took a picture of the frozen bread baking instructions for future reference.

On the other side of the meat chiller is a small display of delicatessen foods such as chocolate, cheese, Parma ham and even foie gras. This brings us to the end of our tour of the new Meat Krafters at Ghim Moh Singapore. We have only highlighted the items that stood out to us. The store sells more than these items.

Meat Krafters
19 Ghim Moh Road #01-247
Singapore 270019
(Facing Ghim Moh wet market)

Opening Hours: 8 am to 6 pm
Closed on Mondays


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Whether wine is a nourishment, medicine or poison is a matter of dosage. - Paracelsus

Whether wine is a nourishment, medicine or poison is a matter of dosage. – Paracelsus

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