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New Fishball Story Stall at Bugis Junction

Fishball Story 鱼缘 earned a Bib Gourmand award in the inaugural Singapore Michelin Guide and has been deemed to be among the best noodles stalls in Singapore. Founded by young hawker, Douglas Ng, Fishball Story has opened a new quick service eatery at Bugis Junction.

New Fishball Story Stall at Bugis Junction

Fishball Story at Bugis Junction

The fishball noodles stall had operated out of Golden Mile Food Centre, a cafeteria in the National University of Singapore, Timbre+ and Geylang Road.

The new Fishball Story stall in Bugis Junction is on the road level facing North Bridge Road, located near the Liverpool FC Store.

The simple interior decor designed for functionality is pleasant. Large glass windows on two of its walls give the small space a light and airy feel.

Fishball Story at Bugis is a quick service eatery. You order and pay at the counter and collect your food when your number is flashed on the digital display.

Menu of Fishball Story at Bugis Junction

The signature dish is the fishball noodles featuring Douglas’ grandmother’s handmade fishballs. However, the menu of Fishball Story now also offers laksa, chee cheong fun and various side dishes. In addition, breakfast items like egg and toast are available. Below is a picture of the menu board of Fishball Story at Bugis Junction.

Breakfast at Fishball Story Bugis

I visited Fishball Story Bugis and had a good old Singapore breakfast there. The Toast & Egg Set was $4.50. It included 2 half-boiled eggs, kaya & butter toast and coffee. The eggs were done the way I liked them, with runny white and golden liquid yolks goey. The toast was fairly ordinary. Coffee was good local kopi.

Fishball Noodle Takeaway

I ordered for takeaway the Signature with Fish Dumpling Noodle ($5.90) – one with mee pok and one with mee kia. The waiting time was fairly short – less than 10 minutes. The takeaway containers had 2 separate compartments – with the noodles on top and the soup with fishballs in the bottom compartment.

The mee pok had a nice bouncy texture while the mee kia was slightly softer. The chilli was rather spicy.


The highlights of the Fishball Story noodles are the fishballs and fishcakes. Made of pure fish meat with no flour added, they have delicate flavours and a nice firm bite.

Fishball Story may have a new outlet and new menu items but it still serves the same good springy fishballs and great tasting fishcakes. With a pleasant space in an easily accessible location and an expanded menu, the new Fishball Story outlet at Bugis Junction should be a hit for those who love old school mee pok tar or comforting fishball soup.

Fishball Story 鱼缘 Bugis Junction
#01-71/72 Bugis Junction
200 Victoria Street
Singapore 188021

Opening Hours: 8 am to 9 pm


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Be determined, but don’t be stubborn. Be patient but persistent. - Douglas Ng
Be determined, but don’t be stubborn. Be patient but persistent. – Douglas Ng

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