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Fish Mart Sakuraya Restaurant West Coast Plaza

Fish Mart Sakuraya Restaurant at West Coast Plaza is an affordable Japanese restaurant for lunch if you are in the west side of Singapore. The minimart for Japanese fresh seafood and other produce also has a large dining area.

Fish Mart Sakuraya Restaurant West Coast Plaza

Fish Mart Sakuraya Fresh Seafood

Fish Mart SAKURAYA describes itself as a “Japanese One-Stop Centre” which has been in Singapore for more than 33 Years“. They sell a variety of Japanese food such as fresh seafood and Japanese produce including rice, sake, shochu, tidbits, beverages and other food stuff. We have more pictures of the mini supermarket at the end of this post. Apart from Fish Mart Sakuraya West Coast Plaza, they also have outlets at Seletar Mall, Anchorpoint and Parkway Parade.

There is a retail area where the fresh seafood is available for retail. They can also be purchased for consumption (grilled or sashimi) at the Fish Mart Sakuraya restaurant. Some items require a preparation fee. Some do not. Here are pictures of some of the fresh fish on sale at the time of our visit to West Coast Plaza. They certainly look shiny and fresh.

Fish Mart Sakuraya Restaurant @ West Coast

The restaurant at Fish Mart Sakuraya West Coast is known as Fresh Catch Dining Sakuraya. It is a large and spacious dining area. At lunch time, it gets busy when working folks from the surrounding West Coast Road / Pasir Panjang areas converge at West Coast Plaza as there are not many large malls in this area. We have not been there on weekends, but are told it gets even busier.

Fish Mart Sakuraya Restaurant Menu

There is a wide range of food items at the Sakuraya Japanese restaurant. Here are sample pictures of some portions of the menu. An online menu is available on the Sakuraya website, the link is provided below.


Beer and Sake

As you can expect from a restaurant that is also a retailer of Japanese beverages, there is a good selection of alcoholic beverages at Fish Mart Sakuraya. We thought that the sake prices seem reasonable. The bottle of sake (720ml) we tried was priced at around $53. An ice bucket with a towel was provided – other than that it was self-service which was fine with us.

What We Ate

We have tried a variety of raw and cooked food at Fish Mark Sakuraya West Coast. Here are some of them. The sushi platters seem like good value for money to us. What stood out was the Sakura Sushi set ($35, picture below). It contains medium fatty tuna (2), amber jack, salmon, spot prawn, sea bream, tamago (Japanese Omelette), sea urchin), salmon roe) and chopped tuna maki (6).

We have also tried a la carte orders of sushi. The fish items such as chutoro ($11 for two pieces) are usually reliable. The uni (sea urchin) which is very well priced at $15 for two pieces can be unpredictable. Sometimes very good – firm and sweet. Sometimes watery and less tasty.

The cooked items are safe bets – this is a picture of ebi fry maki ($10). It is a large portion and can be a meal in iteslf.

Rice bowls and lunch sets are also available. This is a picture of the maguro hamachi don ($15). The fish pieces were good in terms of quality but they were very thinly sliced. We think the nigiri sushi items are better for the fish to rice ratio.

The grilled fish items have not disappointed us so far. The grilled cod (gindara teriyaki $18, picture above) was quite pricey while the grilled salmon ($8, picture below) was a lower cost option – half the price for a similar sized slice.

Japanese cold noodles (zaru soba $8) is an affordable way to end the meal. The price is right but the sauce and condiments were quite basic. Overall, dining at Fish Mart Sakuraya Restaurant at West Coast Plaza are usually nice experiences. The friendly prices allow us to order more variety for sharing.

Japanese MiniMart at West Coast Plaza


Although the name of the store is Fish Mart Sakuraya, they sell more than fresh fish. There are Japanese noodles, sauces, snacks and other types of foodstuffs available. It is an interesting place to wander about after lunch.

Food: 4
Service: 3
Value: 4
Atmosphere: 3
Overall Rating: 4 TOPs  4 tops

Sample Menu

Fish Mart Sakuraya West Coast Plaza
154 West Coast Road
#B1-50 West Coast Plaza Singapore 127371
Tel: +65 6773 6973 

Business Hours 
Shopping: 1030am to 10pm

Dining: 11.30am to 10pm (last order 9 pm)


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One who fishes in shallow waters limits the kind of fish he can catch. - Matshona Dhliwayoquote
One who fishes in shallow waters limits the kind of fish he can catch. – Matshona Dhliwayo

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