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Plain Vanilla East Coast: New Bakery Cafe in Katong

The popular bakery cafe Plain Vanilla has expanded its footprint to the East. The new Plain Vanilla East Coast is not just another indistinguishable plain-vanilla cafe – it stands out as an interesting cafe in a competitive market. It opens early, from 7 am, and has an unusual alfresco lounge area that extends into the back alley, a children’s playpen and a pet-friendly area – features that make it an attractive dining destination for a wide range of clientele.

Plain Vanilla East Coast: New Bakery Cafe in Katong

Plain Vanilla East Coast

The new Plain Vanilla in Katong is located in a row of shophouses along East Coast Road, just opposite The Church of the Holy Family, also known as Katong Catholic Church. The main door is set back from the walkway so that passers-by can be tempted by the cupcakes and assortment of bakes on display at the shopfront.

Plain Vanilla East Coast

The simple, modern interior design creates a welcoming chic space. The front of the cafe is dominated by the display counter and the barista bar. There are shelves on the wall for retail items like food, beauty and wellbeing products.

Plain Vanilla East Coast Road

The main dining hall is to the rear of the long shophouse. It has a mix of regular dining tables, communal tables, bar counter seating as well as sofas.

Plain Vanilla Katong

Plain Vanilla  Cafe East Coast

Right at the back of the cafe are more seats under the architectural skylights. There are benches with cushions next to a window that looks into the children’s play area.

Plain Vanilla Kotong Cafe
Plain Vanilla Children's Playpen
Plain Vanilla Children's Play Area

At Plain Vanilla East Coast the seating extends out into the back alley. There is an interesting alfresco lounge area that is pet friendly.

Plain Vanilla Cafe Katong
Plain Vanilla alfresco lounge area

Menu of Plain Vanilla

We had visited various Plain Vanilla outlets including Plain Vanilla Tiong Bahru and Plain Vanilla ION Orchard. Each of their outlets has menus that are slightly different. Though you can always find cupcakes and selected baked goods on display in each of the outlets.

Plain Vanilla Cupcakes

The Plain Vanilla cafe in Katong has essentially a brunch menu – offering granolas, eggs, toasts and pastas. Below are screenshots of the Plain Vanilla East Coast menu.

Plain Vanilla East Coast Menu
Plain Vanilla  Menu

Coffee & Eggs at Plain Vanilla East Coast

When I visited the new cafe in Katong on a weekend morning it was almost completely full. The young service crew members were however all friendly and welcoming. They tried their best to find a seat for a solo diner and even offered alternatives in various sections of the cafe. It was a very pleasant change from the experience at some other busy cafes.

I ordered the Egg Benedict ($22) and a Flat White ($5). Water was served almost as soon as I was seated. The service staff came by regularly to top up my glass. Coffee was served within a few minutes. The wait for the Egg Benedict was more than 20 minutes.

Egg Benedict at Plain Vanilla
Egg Benedict at Plain Vanilla Katong

Plain Vanilla’s Egg Benedict was a straightforward dish. Poached eggs with Hollandaise sauce and prosciutto crudo, or Italian dry-cured ham, on a slice of sourdough bread. It looked good and was delicious.

Egg Benedict - East Coast

The coffee at Plain Vanilla was as usual well made – rich and smooth.

Flat White at Plain Vanilla

Nice New Cafe in Katong

Plain Vanilla East Coast is a great new addition to the cafe scene in Katong. With a good selection of cakes and nice brunch food plus friendly service in a casual chic space, it is easy to like the place. It is one of the best destinations in the East for a cup of good coffee early in the morning.

Food: 3
Service: 4
Value: 3
Atmosphere: 4
Overall Rating: 3 TOPs 3 Tops

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Plain Vanilla East Coast
199 East Coast Road
Singapore 428902

Tel: +65 9642 8100

Opening Hours: 7.30 am to 7 pm


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