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Rêve Restaurant Review: Japanese-French Food with Singapore Michelin Star

Rêve restaurant is an elegant restaurant in Singapore’s Chinatown. Opened in 2021, this Japanese French restaurant has already earned a Michelin Star in the Singapore Michelin guide 2022. It is led by Kawano Masahiko who is a “… chef skilled in French cooking but whose identity is so Japanese it seeps into everything he makes”. With a description like this we could not resist visiting it.

Rêve Restaurant Review: Japanese-French Food with Singapore Michelin Star

Restaurant Ambience and Service

Rêve Restaurant Review: Singapore Michelin Star

We start our Rêve restaurant review with a quick look at the restaurant decor. It is a small, dimly-lit place. The main focus of attention is the six seat counter. These are the best seats in the house where diners can observe the chefs in action. There are two small dining compartments on either side of this zone. Conventional table dining is available at these areas. My guesstimate of the total seating capacity is around 18 diners. Because of the low capacity, the dining area is serene and peaceful. The number of staff in attendance was large in relation to the number of diners. As you can imagine, service was attentive and friendly.

Rêve Singapore Wine List

The Rêve Restaurant food menu is available on its website and on the CHOPE online reservations page. Here are pictures of the some sections of the wine list as well as the short list of Japanese sake available.

Rêve Restaurant Wine List
Rêve Singapore Wine List
Rêve Singapore Wine List
Rêve Singapore Wine List

Since were at a Japanese-French restaurant, we decided on a bottle of Japanese sake. None of the labels listed on the Chef Masa sake collection. We selected the most affordable one on the list – Nida Shizenshu Junmai Genshu ,Fukushima ($130).

Rêve Restaurant Menu

When in Japan we like to go to their French restaurants which tend to combine traditional Japanese ingredients with French cuisine. L’Effervescence Tokyo is one such restaurant where we had a memorable meal. Executive Chef Kawano Masahiko, award recipient of the highly acclaimed Taki Hisao prize by Japan’s RED-U-35, sounds like a chef that can do this well. The Rêve Singapore restaurant menu simply lists out the ingredients which were predominantly Japanese in origin. Here are the two Rêve restaurant lunch menus available in September 2022. We picked Supérieure – a 6-course lunch priced at $138++.

Rêve Restaurant Review: Menu
Supérieure Lunch Menu

Rêve Restaurant Review of Supérieure Lunch Menu Sep 2022

Rêve Restaurant Review

Lunch at Reve started with some freshly baked bread and French butter. The first course of Botan Ebi and Hokkaido Corn was soon served. This tiny dish of sweet shrimp in a corn paste was a delightful starter. Alas, it only lasted two or three teaspoonfuls.

The next course of Hiramasa · Crystal Caviar was equally delicate, but slightly larger in size. These slices of raw yellowtail were enhanced by some caviar.

Rêve Restaurant Review

The Main Courses

The main courses that followed were small but, thankfully, not as tiny as the starters. Grilled kinmedai (which I believe is golden eye snapper) and scallop were perfectly cooked. The skin of the fish in particular was wonderfully crisp.

Next was Iberico pork . It which looked and tasted more like beef than pork – in a good way i.e. more tasty than the usual pork.

Duck Consommé · Whole Grain Noodle was the last time. It looked like a very plain bowl of noodles, but complexity of the taste of the soup and the texture of the noodles were of a high level.

Dessert and Coffee

Our dessert was named Chocolate · Berry. Mignardises and coffee brought our meal to an end.

It is rather easy to write this Rêve restaurant review – everything was good and straightforward. The freshness of the food was easy to appreciate. The Japanese-French dishes were presented attractively but not ostentatiously.

Food: 4
Service: 5
Atmosphere: 4
Overall Rating: 4 TOPs 

4 tops

Rêve Restaurant
39 Kreta Ayer Road
Singapore 089002

Wednesday to Saturday:
12pm-3pm (Last Order: 1:30pm)

Monday to Saturday:
6pm-10:30pm (Last Order: 8:30pm)

Closed on Sundays


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