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KKI Sweets – Designer Dessert Cafe Near Raffles Hotel

KKI Sweets was the dessert cafe which we went to after lunch recently. This ‘atas’ dessert shop delights with its very focused repertoire and artistic cakes that look too good to eat.

According to its website, KKI Sweets “… specialize in mousse desserts which are made from freshly whipped cream, milk, eggs, and stabilized with gelatine”. Out of these seemingly ordinary ingredients, very artistic pieces of dessert are created. This very private dessert shop is located in a small shop house along Seah Street near the back side of Raffles Hotel. It is a cafe that has no obvious signage, so only those are looking for it will see it. At the time of our visit there was a collaboration between between KKI and Flower by Kenzo perfumes.

KKI Sweets Reservations & Walk-Ins

We made our reservation for KKI Sweets some time in advance. It is certainly advisable to do so as the space is small and seating is limited. At the time of our reservation, we were asked to state our orders in advance – and they actually prepared them so that when we visited, all our requested items were already prepared for us. The reason is stated in the KKI Sweets FAQ page : ” Reservation is preferred as we have limited seating and the desserts need to be prepped ahead of time to be served at their optimal temperature.”

KKI Sweets Menu

The KKI Sweets menu proudly declares that this menu has no pictures. In fact the menu looks like an ICI paint colour card. Each dessert is simply represented by lines of colours with a briefest description of its ingredients and the price. The actual dessert is left to one’s imagination. However we suspect that many of the diners would probably have seen the pictures of KKI desserts online or on social media and know what to expect of these dessert items.

What We Ate

At the time of reservation, we stated in advance our orders for the “J”, “Teh” and “Fromage”.

The “J”

The J dessert is probably the most unique and most photographed creation of KKI Sweets. This little dessert costs $14.50 and looks like a seedling in a stone pot. Its ingredients are listed as black sesame, yuzu and matcha.

In fact the whole thing can be eaten. The ‘stone’ pot, the soil and plant can all be eaten. The yuzu provided the flavour for the creamy core. The matcha and black sesame provided the taste and texture for the ‘soil’ and sand in the pot. The overall taste of the J was very good. The main attraction of this dessert is its lovely appearance and the surprise of eating a stone pot. We also thought it was the one with the best taste.


The ingredients of KKI Sweets’ TEH ($12.50) are Earl Grey, pear and hazelnut. I am not sure if it was intended but I found this to be the most interesting dessert item at KKI because it looks so much like a leaf frog. The chunks of pear formed the core of the soft cylinder. The Earl Grey and hazelnut flavours were soft and pleasant.


KKI Sweets’ Fromage ($13.50) is said to contain Cambozola cheese, rum fruits and Kineko Streusel. I am not sure what some of these ingredients are. To me this is a rum and raisin cake with mildly flavoured cheese. It is an unusual combination of flavours but works extremely well.

Having dessert at KKI Sweets was a most interesting affair as the cakes were unlike any we have seen before. It is not something we would do often, not only because of the rather high prices but also because a key reason to visit is the anticipation of trying something unknown. We would wait for the next season of desserts to be presented before being surprised again at KKI.

Food: 4
Service: 3
Value: 2
Atmosphere: 3
Overall Rating: 3 TOPs  

3 Tops

KKI Sweets
3 Seah Street #01-01
Singapore 188379

WHATSAPP : +65 9799 2668

Opening Hours:
Closed on Monday to Wednesday
Thursday to Saturday : 12:00pm | Last Seating 5:00pm
Sunday: 11:00am | Last Seating 4:00pm

Nearby MRT Stations: City Hall, Bras Basah


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