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Flock Cafe in Tanjong Katong

One of the top cafes in Tiong Bahru Estate is Flock Cafe in Moh Guan Terrace. The popular cafe has just opened a new outlet in Tanjong Katong.

Flock Cafe in Tanjong Katong

Flock Cafe Tanjong Katong

Does Tanjong Katong need another hip cafe? Does Garfield need more lasagne? Cartoonist Jim Davis, the man behind lasagne-loving Garfield, says that the appeal of Garfield is that the cat has an attitude that people gravitate to. “We live in a time where we are made to feel guilty for not exercising and oversleeping and overeating, but Garfield’s cool with that”. Perhaps that is also the appeal of Tanjong Katong. The charming neighbourhood seems to have a lot of unhurried people that enjoy food. A cosy cafe with good coffee like Flock Cafe should fit right in.

Flock Cafe Tiong Bahru started its business in 2012 and gained a reputation as an unpretentious indie cafe with a laid-back atmosphere. It opened an outlet in Ghim Moh around 2015 but that has since closed. It has now spread its wings to the East. The new Flock Cafe Tanjong Katong occupies the shophouse which was formerly the nest of the French bakery Do.Main. The black and white theme of the defunct bakery is consistent with Flock Cafe Tiong Bahru look and feel. The bar counter and wooden chairs in Tanjong Katong are much more ornate; quite different from the rustic furniture in Tiong Bahru.

The new cafe has a main dining space in front of the counter with a few regular tables and a big communal table that looks out to the main road. To the rear, there are more tables lined up in a narrow corridor next to the kitchen. There is a small al fresco dining area just outside the main entrance.

Menu of Flock Cafe Tanjong Katong

The menu of Flock Cafe Tanjong Katong offers breakfast to dinner dishes. There are the all-day-breakfast kind of food, as well as waffles, burger, pasta, pork chop and fish. Below are pictures of the Flock Tg Katong menu.

Besides the regular menu, it also has attractively priced set meal menus. We saw the breakfast set meal menu and lunch set meal menu (below).

Lunch at Flock Cafe Tg Katong

We visited Flock Cafe Tg Katong in the late morning and ordered the Banana French Toast with Crispy Bacon ($15.80) from the regular menu and Beef Patty Rice ($16) from the Set Lunch Menu. The set lunch came with a soft drink or lemon tea. We were allowed to change our beverage to a barista made long black with a top up of $2.

Prices are net – no service charge or GST added to the bill.

There was no extravagant plating for the Banana French Toast with Crispy Bacon – no edible flowers or decorative crushed nuts and the like. The thick-cut bread slices soaked in egg and toasted until golden brown tasted as good French toast should. They were fluffy, buttery and delicious on their own and were even better with a tad of maple syrup and fruits. The savoury crispy bacon complimented the French Toast nicely. It was a simple dish that was enjoyable.

The Beef Patty Rice was a complete meal on a plate. There was butter rice with grilled beef patty, an egg and vegetables. It came with teriyaki sauce.

The grilled patty was done right – well seasoned and not dry. The sweet tangy teriyaki sauce went pretty well with the beef patty. With the pickled lettuce and tomatoes, it sort of reminded us of Hawaiian teriyaki burger. It was a satisfying good value set lunch – definitely a few notches up from our more usual caifan.

Flock Coffee

We had a latte ($5.50) and a long black (from our set lunch).

Flock Cafe is known for its unusual latte art. We got to see it for ourselves with our latte (photo above). We must say that we much prefer the abstract pattern from the golden crema on top of our black coffee (photo below). Both were great-tasting coffee made with Liberty Beans. They were rich with citrussy notes.

A Good Neighbourhood Cafe

Flock Cafe Tanjong Katong is unpretentious and has a neighbourhood cafe atmosphere. It may not attract the Tik Tok influencers. However, with reasonable prices and a relaxed atmosphere with easy listening background music, those looking for a simple meal with good coffee in a cosy cafe should flock to it.

Flock Cafe Tanjong Katong

Food: 3
Service: 4
Value: 3
Atmosphere: 3
Overall Rating: 3 TOPs 3 Tops

Flock Cafe Tanjong Katong
226 Tanjong Katong Road
Singapore 437015

Tel: +65 6536 3938

Opening Hours: 8 am to 9 pm


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